Who Says Only Humans Can Drive a Car? Software Can Too! Google Did it!

Google released a promotional video on their website on Tuesday, 27th May 2014, featuring an archetype of a car without brakes, steering wheel, & accelerator pedals, and which can find the way on its own!

Google has finally done what most would have not even dreamt! It has designed a driverless car, without brakes, steering wheel, & accelerator pedals, which can find the way on its own!

This car from Google, with two seats would have only 2 buttons – the first to start the car & to stop it and one for use during an emergency. This electric-powered car resembles a golf cart or one may consider it as a sibling of the Indian Tata Nano!

The company released a promotional video on their website on Tuesday, 27th May 2014, featuring an archetype of its product. Powered by advanced software, called the Google Chauffeur, the car uses laser & radar sensors and displays the route on a screen. These sensors, programmed to identify locations and perceive far-off objects, interact with each other to verify information. They are much more accurate and reliable than the GPS.

The project director, Chris Urmson wrote in his blog on Monday “We’re growing more optimistic that we’re heading toward an achievable goal, a vehicle that operates fully without human intervention.”

Built in the company’s private Google X Lab, initially the car will come with a top speed of 25mph. This smart car, equipped with Google Road Map, would find its way on its own, drive to the location selected on the app, get parked on its own, and the owner can also call for the car from the parking lot using a Smartphone application. The car is intelligent enough to distinguish between moving vehicles, parked vehicles, big vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, traffic signals, and would also read road signs. 

According to the search engine giant, this self-driven car would decrease the prevalent number of car accidents and is a crucial step towards road safety, which would demolish drunk & harsh driving!

Initially, the first 100 vehicles would come with extra manual controls, so that the test drivers can take over if the software fails. However, Google aims to ultimately get a self-driving technology that does not need a driver for the riders to enjoy a hassle-free ride, chatting, eating, working, or even sleeping!

This splendid innovation from the house of Google will hit the roads by next year. We all sincerely look forward to this brainy little car, which would outdo us humans, in our driving skills!

We would call this “a very big step from Google, and certainly a giant leap for mankind!”

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