Android Versus iOS. Know the Difference!

Android Versus iOS – Purchasing a smartphone sometimes becomes difficult unless you come to know the benefits and feature of both Android and iOS.

In order to take an exact choice of which will be the best for you according to your requirement few features are discussed through the comparison between Android Versus iOS.

Android Versus iOS –

1 – Customize

Android has a vast scope of customizing capacity while iOS has a limited zone of customizing. So if you want a difference in your phone every next day then Android should be your choice or else iOS may disappoint you.

2 – File transfer

In both Android and iOS transfer of photo can be done through USB without any apps, but transferring any files in Android can be done through the USB connection to the desktop through the android app. Difficult in iOS as it can be transferred through the iTunes desktop app.

Android Versus iOS

3 – Internet browsing

Google Chrome and other Android-supporting browsers are available. iOS has Mobile Safari along with it other iOS supporting apps are also available.

Android Versus iOS

4 – Messages and calls

Both have the same apps facilities in messaging and calls such as google talks, WhatsApp, google duo and Skype. While in video chats Google Duo is found in Android and facetime in Apple iOS.

5 – App store

Androids app store is google play with about more than 1,000,000+ app while Apple app store has about apps. Androids apps are also distributed by GetJar and Amazon.

6 – Battery life

Longer battery life of the Android phone while iOS has small batteries with long life but requires optimization of the battery.

7 – Security

In case of security, iOS is the most trusted as it has no chances to get disturbed by any malware or it does not exceed its range beyond the play store app while in Android the security is challenged compared to the iOS as even the oldest iOS software is upgraded, Android devices are not running with the updated patched software.

8 – Photos and video Backup

Android has the Google storage where you can store or have an unlimited backup of the photos but iOS in case of the storage or backup only 5 GB of free storage is available in clouds. Apart from it both the operating system has apps like Google, Dropbox and Amazon for auto backups, Microsoft backup available in iOS.

9 – Cloud services

Both have the apps for the storage of photos including the drop box, individually, while the native integration is distinctive as Android is with google storage with 15 GB free and iOS has with icloud 5 GB free.

Android Versus iOS

10 – Maps

Google maps are available in Androids while the iOS has Apple map, though if you want to add a google map to the iOS phone then you can download it through different apps. Both have no much difficulty with the maps it may be google map or apple map, but you will not be able to add the apple map in Android.

Android Versus iOS – Though both are used in smartphones both iPhone and Android has few but major difference related to the free space available along with the best security provided including other important features for your better usage.

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