iOS Developers Can Sneakily Take Your Photos And Record Your Videos Using Your Phone’s Front and Back camera

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iOS app developers – We understand that your iPhone have cost you a fortune and you leave no opportune moment to flaunt it with pride. But there’s always something beyond what meets the eye and a new detestable feature about this highly regarded smart phone might drive you berserk.

Think twice before giving your iPhone access to your private moments because it sabotages that. Your iPhone allows the iOS app developers to click your photographs and record your live video using both front and back camera without intimating you on the matter, forget taking your consent.

The recent privacy concern has made the iPhone users sit up in alarm just after it was found out by Austrian developer and Google Engineer, Felix Krause, who shed light on this issue in his blog recently.

Krause pointed out that the process is similar to how Apple’s software handles camera access. You may have noticed lately that all the social media apps ask your permission for entering your camera, it is an effort to sneakily take a photo within the app. So, apparently, this is neither a flaw nor a spam but a feature masterminded by Apple itself. Needless to mention, any scornful app with negative intentions can exploit this feature.

Some trivia about the case:

  • Your iPhone can turn on the camera silently any moment and it will entitle the apps to access both back and front camera of your device.
  • When the app is in your desktop, it can photograph or record you any moment.
  • Upload the recorded content immediately and you can’t do anything about it.
  • Your iPhone can run real-time face detection to read your facial expressions too.

The bottom of the problem is Apple only requires users to enable camera access one time which gives all the apps a blanket permission to enter your camera without passing through any LED light or notification. Any malicious app, for that matter can hit pay dirt to break the permissible barriers to spy on you.

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