How To Prove To Your Prospective Employer That You’re The Best Candidate, Without A Conversation

How to write a killer resume – The best way to tell your prospective employer about why you’re the best candidate for a particular job role is by highlighting a few factors in your resume.

When looking for a new job, candidates end up spending a lot of time, updating their resumes and adding as much appropriate content as they can. And why shouldn’t they?

After all your resume is the only way to tell a hiring manager, why exactly will you be suitable for the job.

However, in an effort to be as truthful as possible, your resume could end up being somewhat boring.

While it’s definitely important to be truthful in your resume, it doesn’t mean that you cannot highlight your skills, and in turn make your resume look different than the others.

So, the best way to tell your prospective employer about why you’re the best candidate for a particular job role is by highlighting a few factors.

Your impact

It does not matter if the job listing which you considered sending your resume to, mentioned anything about your resume or not. It’s always a good idea to showcase the impact you were able to draw upon in particular project. To highlight your impact, try mentioning the results of your work undeniably. Use numbers if possible.


There is absolutely no company which does not require team working skills in an employee. And in any case if the job description does not mention anything about working in a team, it by-default means that the candidate should be a team player. Try including the number of team members you’ve worked with earlier and what project did you work on. In the interview, rather than taking all credits yourself, feel free to talk about others who carried their duties well.

Communication skills

There may not be any use of mentioning extremely-sophisticated or overboard words in your resume. However, using phrases that often over a part of your daily activities at work may give the hiring manager a briefing about your communication skills.

Work under pressure

Though your resume shouldn’t really talk about in what circumstances and how did you handle work pressure, your cover letter can include a brief instance, that can summarize your capacity of working under pressure to your prospective recruiter. Try not to include only your participation, but how actively did you take part, and which situation did you handle without being crushed.

Self motivated

Employers look for people who are self-motivated and need least amount of effort and training to adopt to the new job role. They are scrutinizing resumes to gain information on how motivated a candidate might be on a job. Tell them how did you balance your responsibilities at your previous work place, and how did it turn out to be effective for the whole team.

Your resume is not only a document that assures you a new job, but is something that should interest the recruiter in your profile. Read the job description and then go through your resume, as if you were to answer a question in the exam. Make the necessary changes and you’re are good to go.

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