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Art Of Seduction

Art Of Seduction – Seduction has always been associated with the female clan of the general populace.

It is understood to be one of the most used tools by the feminine gender in securing a male partner. And that is the truth, right? Wrong. The art of seduction is not specific to a certain gender but is something that is applicable for both the sexes. Ancient scriptures and stories hold testimony to this fact. Right from the creation of mankind, when Brahma created the man to live in his perfectly created world, and Shiva created Brahma’s daughter to balance the world that Brahma created, to Cleopatra’s seduction of Caesar, the greatest emperor that Rome ever saw, seduction has been prevalent.

In an interesting TEDx video, Dr. Seema Anand, takes us back to the ancient times and reminds us of all the forgotten stories that speak of the concept of seduction and what it actually means. She explains beautifully how it is not just a sexual art of wooing but, rather, a complete way of life, as described in the Kama Sutra.

  • Seduction and the art of seduction have existed since ancient times. Its presence can be traced through history with the way things have unfolded across the centuries.
  • Seduction is the basis of our very existence. Had there been no seduction, there would not have been the human race existing as we know it to exist today!
  • Seduction, according to the ancient texts, was an art that, if mastered, resulted in the mastery over the ultimate power. Tantra, or high philosophy, believes no other energy to be higher than sexual energy. The ancient texts equated seduction to divinity.
  • The Kama Sutra describes as many as sixty-four different skills that need to be acquired in order to master the art of seduction.
  • These sixty-four skills, in their entirety, form the basis of a complete life and according to ancient texts, mastery over these was considered to be the secret to eternal youth.
  • Seduction today stands to be described as a female-oriented skill, when actually; it is a skill that both men and women should be equally adept at.

Watch this video to learn more about what exactly the art of seduction implies. Dr. Anand, with her engaging manner of speech, takes you on a very interesting journey of discovery with interesting stories from times past!

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