Why Is A Cover Letter Important To Get You A Job Of Your Choice

Here’s why a cover letter is as or more helpful than your resume, in getting you a job of your choice.

Contrary to the belief that a resume is your first hit at your prospective job, a cover letter is your first opportunity to engage a prospective employer.

In this age of online recruiting and technology based hiring, a general query that arises in the mind of a job seeker is that whether recruiters might have time to scan through the cover letter or is the process outdated.

Frankly speaking, a cover letter is your best bait to hook a prospective employer to your resume. It is the only space you have outside your resume to make a first good impression. Here’s why a cover letter is as or more helpful than your resume, in getting you a job of your choice.

Highlights your key accomplishments

When employers create a job description, it is mostly a list of things they are looking forward to see in their prospective employee’s skill set. While your resume talks about the best on the list of your accomplishments, your cover letter describes most on that list including facts and numbers, especially the ones related to the job description. Apart from your accomplishments, even your abilities are highlighted in a cover letter.

Conveys what job position you seek

Your cover letter introduces you to your prospective employer, and adds focus to your resume. A cover letter tells the hiring manager why is the job so important to you and whether or not are you fit for the position. As your unique skills and qualities are included in the cover letter, there’s nothing better to speak for you, in your absence, not even your resume.

How fit are you are the role

The cover letter allows you to impress the employer about the role in a very specific way, leaving your resume to market your skills and experience on a bigger perspective. Your resume would need less tweaking for every job you apply to, as the cover letter does most of the job for you. It highlights what unique skills and ways you are capable of introducing to the company.

Explains things your resume does not

If you’ve had big gaps in your career, a zigzag employment history, or not-so-impressive timeline of working in a particular industry, your cover letter is capable of explaining the circumstances in a positive way, which your resume cannot.

A resume is of limited importance to an employer if he/she does not know what kind of work are you interested in. However, a cover letter explains the what, why and how of your profile and tells your prospective employer why are you fit for the role. So not only are cover letters inevitable, but are also extremely important to land you a job of your choice.

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