This is What Your Bedroom Should Look Like As Per Your Zodiac

Bedroom decor as per zodiac

Bedroom decor as per zodiac – Your bedroom is the most personal space and you like to handpick everything to deck it up.

Your bedroom décor reveals a lot about your personality. every nook and corner of your bedroom should be the repository of your personal style. This is the best refuge after a toiling day. In your bedroom you unwind and rest thereby rejuvenating yourself. In the same manner as different people have different sense of aesthetics, different zodiac signs have different characteristic traits.

We are here giving you Bedroom decor as per zodiac – useful ideas as to how you can decorate your bedroom that will reflect your zodiac characteristic.

Bedroom decor as per zodiac –


Aries people are full with energy and they like challenges. They are fiery and playful which attracts people towards them. However, their ruling planet being Mars will make Red their favorite color. So this is what your bedroom should look like.


Taurus has a great inclination towards safety and tradition. Anything that is warm catches her fancy. She likes all sorts of earthy tones hence. You  can lure a Taurus by the coziness around a fireplace and here is what a Taurus’s bedroom should look like, simple and cozy.


Gemini is always in doubt and in two minds. They have two different poles of personalities, one is very sweet another is very sharp. They love everything fancy and hence their bedroom needs to be super chic and classy.


They are ruled by the Moon and therefore considered the most sensitive sign. Bedrooms are like safety zones for them which also doubles up as their shell that they crumble into after unsnarling from the outer world. Here is what a Cancer’s cozy bedroom should look like.


Leo is the king in her own mind because she is governed by the Sun. Anything that is rich and royal will be perfect for Leo. They will kill for expensive lamps, sumptuous textures and beauteous fabrics. There will be velvet aplenty in the bedroom too. This is what Leo’s bedroom should look like.


Libras are prone to claustrophobia and their bedroom should have a lot of ventilation. They need a lot of space to move freely and they will make sure to strike a balance between all things that grace her bedroom. There must be objects that inspires her in her bedroom.


Virgo is represented by the virgin which loves soft hues around. They will kill for tidiness and perfection in their bedroom and anything chaotic will freak them out. Minimalism is the key to impress a Virgo and this is what their bedroom should look like.


Sophistication is the another name of Scorpio and they always vouch for latest trends. They will like choicest pf pieces that will not be common for their bedroom décor. They have enigmatic personality which is shrouded in mystery and this is the type of bedroom that will do justice to that.


Freedom is the most important asset for Sagittarius and they are very peaceful at heart. They key thing that you will notice about a Sagittarius is that they are very adventurous. So this is what their bedroom should look like.


Capricorn is the male counterpart of the sensitive Cancer and they like everything sober. Everything masculine, classic and no-nonsense are their go-to and here’s what their bedroom should look like.

Bedroom decor as per zodiac – These are the zodiac signs whose bedroom décor will be a real challenge for any urban designer so taking a cue from here is suggested.

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