Even with 13 seats projection, AAP is a winner

This will be a big feat for the party who claims to have limited resources and thrives on popular support only.

Remember when Raj Thackeray led Maharashtra Navnirman Sena fought elections for the first time? He got 13 seats in the state, which was quite impressive for a debute party. This time, the Aam Aadmi Party was in action in Delhi. The exit polls are projecting a 13 seat win for Arvind Kejriwal led AAP too.

This will be a big feat for the party who claims to have limited resources and thrives on popular support only. However, it cannot be denied that AAP’s votes were eaten by BJP and vice versa despite the anti-Congress wave because they were in a triangular fight in Delhi.

AAP and its unusual but smart ways of campaigning are what bought it the glory. The party, which took root from the anti-corruption movement in the country, more or less remained on its promises. It never deviated from the core agenda and tried to understand the local issues.

Not only that, the party went on a door to door campaign clearing gutters and cleaning roads with their party symbol ‘broom’. They also created 70 manifestos for the 70 assembly constituencies of Delhi – a first in the history of Indian politics.

Although it will be disheartening for AAP not to win a majority in Delhi but sitting in opposition will also serve its purpose.

As political writer R Jagannathan writes in one of his articles, “Without the responsibility of power, AAP is best placed to capture the growing mood of public dissatisfaction further in many places in Delhi and perhaps beyond too. In Delhi itself, AAP can sit smugly and keep carping at what the Congress and BJP do or don’t do; it will be preparing for the next Delhi assembly poll and the 2014 Lok Sabha elections without any handicaps.”

What AAP has done, is phenomenal. They have sustained the regular media speculation and adversaries’ blows in different forms (which we should not discuss here). Also, they have changed the face of the political history in India.

For one, the Congress party can forget about gaining ground soon in Delhi or in other states or the country for that matter. They made so called high promises and policies of the government look kiddish in front of the public. They also generated awareness among the public on various issues in a simple language. They discuss problems, policies and all good things for a common man without harping on the emotions.

In addition to that, they are a big worry for the regional parties and the urban vote attractor BJP too because they are that educated and that wants to bring real change and believes in working.

It should be remembered that AAP has announced that in any case it will not form an alliance either with BJP or Congress. The Delhi results will only make it clear how they plan to proceed in case a hung assembly welcomes political parties in Delhi.

When it will come to making a king or a queen, they will be the only winner.

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