5 Dreamy Views From Your Bedroom

Dreamy Views

Dreamy views – Whenever we get up from the bed we sometimes dream to find a wonderful scenic beauty putting ourselves away from the concrete built housing.

Concrete built housings lack life and thus, for this reason, we search for some natural and dreamy views from our bedroom. Though, it may be a dream to have a wonderful natural scenic beauty that varies from region to region and your desire.

Dreamy Views –

1 – Mountains and Hilly Views from your bedroom

Early morning view from your bedroom, the green mountains and hills are breathtaking. The eyes can see the distant nature from the windows of your bedroom. No matter the width of the windows feel the delighting nature beauty either from the closed or open window panes. The enriched house surrounded by hills or mountains with green plants and trees adorns your every morning or evening sceneries.

2 – Beachside views

A window pane opening directly to the scenery, the beachside views is a classy and dream for most of us. Nothing can be better than this when anyone has the opportunity to observe such beachside views from the bedroom of your house. The movement of the waves early in the morning or evening provides a wonderful vision to your eyes. A horizon of the sea with the early morning sunrise or the evening sunset views are the everlasting treat to the eyes.

Dreamy Views

3 – Flower Garden Views

Think of finding a beautiful flower garden in front of your house, opening through the wide windows that may be a French window or a sliding window with a notch at the front. The plants, flowers or bushes will render your home boundary and at the same time an amazing view from your bedroom.

This can be a dream come true if you have enough space in front of your bedroom to give your eyes the touch of beauty and nature every early morning.

Dreamy Views

4 – River views

Flowing river water with the sound of the water flow and a peaceful early morning together is not only a boon to the mental peace but also a calm view to your eyes. Rows of villas and cottages by the side of the river can add a joy to your holidays or vacations.

Watch the river flowing, sitting in the verandah or balcony mesmerizing your summer mornings and evenings. Birds chattering around and the plants, trees surrounding your bedroom!

Dreamy Views

5 – Tea garden views

You have thought about coastal livings or riverside livings but one more interesting kind of lifestyle you can dream is your cottage surrounded by the tea gardens. The wide view of the gardens that is endless to the horizon of the sky with the beauty of the nature that is green. The winds or breeze along and watching the plucking of the tea leaves enhances spellbind to your dream come true.


Dreamy Views – Dreams to enjoy the dazzling beauty of nature and emphasis them into real life if not regularly but few times whenever possible instigates your dreams more and more about your nature apart from the above 5 Dreamy views from your Bedroom.

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