The United States Military’s Social Media Accounts Hacked By ISIS! What A Way To Attack!

ISIS managed to break into US Military Twitter and YouTube accounts by surpassing the 2-step verification system. What they will do next looms in the dark!

The United States is under attack by the ISIS!

Yes, this was a sudden cyber-attack by the hackers owing allegiance to the ill-minded and overbearing Jihadist group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), who have now taken to the internet to launch attacks at the US Military.

They managed to surpass security firewalls and took control of some social media accounts of the U.S. Military’s Central Command yesterday and posted some threatening messages and propaganda videos.

The Central Command’s (CENTCOM) Twitter and YouTube accounts were taken offline after the attack when the news of this sudden attack broke out. However, before this was done, a string of tweets was launched on Twitter and some confidential military documents were released containing contact information of senior military personnel. A CENTCOM spokesman confirmed media speculations that their accounts were indeed “compromised”.

“CENTCOM’s operation military networks were not compromised and there was no operational impact to U.S. Central Command,” a military statement said. “CENTCOM will restore service to its Twitter and YouTube accounts as quickly as possible. We are viewing this purely as a case of cyber-vandalism.”

The CENTCOM spokespersons however clarified later that none of the information released was not classified and was available to the public beforehand.

This attack took place since CENTCOM directly oversees the U.S. military operations against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and frequently posts videos and details of airstrikes on the accounts that were hacked. The US Military and Department of Defence is unfazed by this attack and they have ensured that all is well.

However, they are still investing such attacks from other extremist groups like the Syrian Electronic Army and Cyber-Caliphate.

The ISIS is going out of bounds and killing innocents over a baseless agenda.

Now they are attacking the security and privacy of people online.

It is about time authorities wake up and begin to take positive steps in curbing down their activities and stopping them in their tracks. 

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