8 Top Reasons Why Young Couple Break Up!


The breakup is the most heartbreaking activity in life. As people go separate ways due to few difference of opinion. According to the Washington Post in March “reported on a study that indicated about 70 percent of straight unmarried couples break up within the first year.” This percentage goes down with the increase in age. Thus, it is important that young people must understand the importance of being in a relationship. Rather than moving out of a relationship without giving a second thought.

The early breakup can cause problems in the life later. Because parting ways leave an impact on your mind. That can make or break your relationship in the future. As what you think is wrong but your ego makes it look correct for you. Thus, the young couple must think before breaking up.

This separation from your beloved may happen due to one big mistake. Or a cluster of small mistakes can also hamper the relationship between the young couple. Therefore, you must assess the situation wisely before calling it off.

Top Reasons Why Young Couple Breakup

The difference of Opinion – Each person has a different thought process and different environment at home. Hence, the couple has two different approaches in one situation. This distinct approach becomes the cause of the fight and the madly in love people, sadly choose different ways to live.

Being Bossy – The younger you are, the more intelligent you think of yourself. Thus, one of you starts dictating this is right and that is wrong. Also, it becomes difficult to agree with the partner on all issues. In fact many couples do that to avoid fights. But, there is a limit and conflicts start where this limit ends. Thus, having a dictating partner is one big reason why young couple breakup.

Cheating or Infidelity – A research shows at even less than 10 percent partners do such things. Although, the youngsters are more fun loving and want something new always. But, even then most of the youngsters are loyal to their partner. Unfortunately, there are few who does cheating in a relationship. This causes a heartbreak and young couple breakup due to this reason also.

Financial Problem – Many people find it difficult to bear the expense of their relationship. As a result of which the other partner gets upset. The youngsters love to flaunt gifts by their boyfriend or girlfriend. But, getting nothing even on the special occasion such as a valentine or a birthday can cause trouble in the paradise. Thus, this is one reason why young couple breakup.

 Attraction – The young age is the toughest time in one’s life. As, the body undergoes a change. Many youngsters get attracted towards someone else even after being in a relationship. This addition of attraction causes misunderstanding and fights. All this results in having ill feeling for each other and causes a breakup.

Community Isolation – Many times, thought about what people will say, creates trouble in a relationship. Also, the family reputation and peer pressure do them apart.

 Unhealthy Habits – Your unhygienic habits make cause a breakup. As no one wants to be with a lazy, fluffy and an unhygienic person. Because it can make the other one feel embarrassed in front of people. Thus, be cautious about cleanliness and won’t make this a reason for the breakup.

 Abusive Behaviour – One of the most important reasons for breakup in young couple is the abusive nature. No one will allow you to harm them, physically or mentally. Thus, it is better to be single rather than having an abusive partner. This is definitely one reason why young couple breakup.

In the end, you must think is the reason a worth breakup? Think wisely and call it off if you see no future together.

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