God And Technology – Technology In Search Of God’s Existence !

God and Technology

God and Technology  – Today in this highly progressed era of mankind, we have people belonging to two different mindsets.

One half of them strongly follow God and the other half a strict disciple of the technology.

Many people do exist who follow both of them with a perfect blend of thoughts from both perspectives. Anyways….. God and Technology – the two aspects of the same coin. God who created man who developed technology and technology now in turn is in the search of God’s existence. Sounds strange? Yeah.. We are all aware of the concept of the concept of the God particle and the sound of Sun detected as “OHM” by one of the technologically well-advanced research institute NASA.

God and Technology

The tug of war between God and Technology is age old. Nothing new.

The follower of God believes that it is ultimately God which controls and drives everything whereas the followers of the technology are of the opinion that technology rules the world. Probably this must be because one is visible while other isn’t. Who cares? Even the air we breathe, microbes that surround us are invisible. Right? Still we blind folded believe their existence. Isn’t it funny? I mean someone just wrote something and we jus follow it. Just because it was somewhere taught in our schools and is related to our existence, we study it. But did you ever imagine what the technology actually tries to convey? It conveys the beauty of nature and the genuine efforts of Man to modify its creations for the development of mankind.

On the other hand, those believing God are of two types. Having faith in God and having faith in myths. By the way the myth word strikes resemblance with the postulates and the hypothesis we have in science. Then???Ummmm!!!! A matter of concern here. We ‘so-called educated people’ always cure the myths our customs and religions ask us to follow. We all believe it’s just a waste of time. No results. No guarantee. Nothing. I believe is as long as it doesn’t harm anyone there’s no harm to follow the myths.

For eg., let’s say not to look at the eclipse with bare eyes is one of the famous myths as per our age old thinking. Let’s for example take this assumption to be true. Even the scientific community believes that the eclipse shouldn’t be watched with bare eyes as it can harm the eyesight and the concerned person may end up being blind. Another misconception is that we should restrain from eating anything during Solar eclipse Nahi toh Suryadev Kopit Honge. Chalo for that matter even ye bhi Palle Padhta hai because eating during eclipse may be open invitation to a wide range of harmful micro-organisms to spoil your food as the direct sunlight isn’t available to destroy them by UV radiation.

God and Technology

Practically speaking, the war between the disciples of God and Technology is never ending one. Let’s take an example of Ganges. It is an age old myth that Ganga was cursed by Goddess Parvati that when she reaches Dharti in Kaliyug you’ll be dirty throughout or what we called Maili.

By that time just remembered the lyrics of the song “Ram Teri Ganga Maili Ho Gayi!!!Papiyon Ke Paap Dhote Reh Gayi!! Jokes apart, the technology believes that present situation of the Ganges is the by-product of the Hindu rituals which were performed fir ages. So as per the advice of the geniuses, the government also took stringent measures to stop their practices. Ab ye sab dekh Bhakt thodi na shaanti se rahenge.. Lag gaye Pooja Path mein. Irritated by this finally God one day decides Aj prithvi pe jake sab khatam hi kar daloonga. And now that we have the fierce battle between God and technology to prove who’s the best?

God sheds all his power over technology and technology uses all his inventions until now to smash God. Finally, they both end up ending the world. Just the two supernatural power persists with no fan following. Just a hypothetical story for change. No serious concerns.

The difference in opinion will however continue to exist between God and Technological aspects. It is we who have to make a smart choice of believing God and trusting technology for our development. Believe in both but do what your heart says. Don’t follow anyone blindly. Finally Kar Bhala So Ho Bhala.

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