6 Signs That Clearly Indicate You’ve Been Rejected By A Woman!

signs you have been rejected

“Signs you have been rejected”

Rejection is a difficult thing to face in life.

It clearly breaks our heart and that’s the bitter truth to digest.

Now suppose, you’re in love with a beautiful woman and sometimes you probably enjoy a sweet talk with her via text. But at times she acts a bit mad and the change in her behavior confuses you.

So on that basis before you express your feelings in front of her; you want to make sure whether she’s really into you or not. Right?

Well, I’ve listed some of the main signs that clearly prove “yes, you’re rejected” indirectly.

Check out these –” signs you have been rejected ” and understand whether you must take a step back or not:

  1. She is not responding to your text

Okay, this is the first sign that proves she has rejected you. And dude trust me; the more number of times you text her; she will keep ignoring and rejecting you that many times.

It is a common sense that she is getting your message but if she’s always ignoring you then it’s a negative response.

  1. She replies but disappears after 5minutes

A woman might reply to your text but after 5-10 minutes if she’s always telling you- “hey, I need to go” or “hey, I’m a little busy” then she’s not involved in you. TRUST ME, she’s not even least interested.

  1. Keeps on denying the plans to hang-out with you

Sometimes woman are so smart that they’ll say “yes” to a plan but when the day arrives; they will have an urgent meeting and other stuff to ditch you. Whereas some are straight forward and they’ll say a direct “NO”.

  1. She will include her friend in your so-called meet

Even though she text and says “Yes, I’m coming and we will meet here and there”; don’t be surprised when she bring her friend with her.

  1. She will purposely talk bad about relationships

Yes, many women tend to use this trick. Whenever a man tries to bring a certain topic related to “relationship” she will always end up saying “NO, relationships are too boring and waste of time”.

In reality, she is indirectly trying to tell you that “Don’t even think about dating me”.

  1. She purposely talk about other guys

It doesn’t matter if you feel jealous because she will do what’s best for her. Indirectly rejecting also includes that she’ll talk lovey-dovey about a guy she met and how great he is in looks and business etc.

Hence, this will point out that you’re not her TYPE.

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