Know About Sophia, World’s First Robot Citizen Who is Given a Saudi Citizenship:

First Robot citizen

First Robot citizen – Sophia, the robot created by Hanson Robotics, who once threatened to destroy humans has gotten a robot citizenship in Dubai.

No wonder, the news spread like wildfire and made international headlines in seconds. There was a huge furore form all over the world after Dubai has taken this move, especially with its slapdash human rights record which made its women the second class citizens. However, Saudi Arabia declared the move notwithstanding the protests ahead of the Future Investment of Initiative Conference.

First Robot citizen –

Insights about Sophia, the human robot, First Robot citizen:

It is the first time in history that a robot is given the full citizenship of a country. The controversy is more fuelled by the fact that Sophia has no heart or brain and still enjoys a citizenship. Sophia was invented by Hanson Robotics under the supervision of AI Developer David Hanson and first spoke at this year’s Future Investment Initiative held in Riyadh, The Saudi Arabian Capital.

Although Sophia vowed to destroy humans, she is now conditioned to say that she will prefer peaceful understanding with humans. Hanson sees the future coming very soon when the age of living android start and they will join us, as he told to Business Insider.

The other notable robots created by Hanson Robotics are Professor Einsten Robot which works as a personal assistant and make over 50 facial expressions include giving insights into the weather condition, traffic and basic trivia. The company is gearing up for more human like robots in future, as said by Jeanne Lim, Chief of Marketing by Hanson Robotics to Business Insider.

In a shorter span of time, Sophia, First Robot citizen, has become a media darling and it is no surprise. What’s more, the special feature about Sophia that she can bear her humanoid teeth to show anger, made her more appealing to the media.

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