Thank God That You Are A Lesson Instead Of A Biggest Mistake


I am glad you are lesson not a mistake I finally gathered courage to tell this to my fiancé through an open letter after a month when we called of the engagement and wedding.

Yes my engagement is called off and no I am not sad about this in fact I and my family are glad we have taken this bold step. It’s not easy to call of an engagement just 2 months before wedding especially when you develop feeling for the guy.  I also had feelings for him though I met him just 8 months back at a wedding my Bhua initiated this rishta and for good 5 days we were together in the wedding and I had 5 days to say yes or no. My dad gave me 5 days he said you can spend time with him move around and figure out if he is your “Mr Perfect”.

But one question to the society when a guy knows there are people observing him it’s easy to manipulate and be fake.

So, according to me the entire rishta system is incorrect how can you judge a person may be he is just acting which happened in my case.  In 5 days he acted like the best son, best brother, best friend, etc, and won my heart. I said yes, obliviously he was handsome and what I saw in 5 days was only good things about him because he showed me good things.

Things happened very fast in a week I got engaged and post engagement he started getting physical to me I was not comfortable I said no I need time he forced but thankfully I never said yes. Whenever we met he tried to get intimate though he knew I was uncomfortable he asked me to send nude pictures, used to speak dirty, and used to get angry when I refused to send him such pictures.

One night I went to party of my friend’s friend and there I got the shock of my life he was making out with a girl in one corner of the garden.

He didn’t know I was attending this party; somehow I managed to take pictures of him with other girl. I told this to my cousin and from next day I asked him to keep an eye on my fiancé to my surprise this fellow was an s** addict and drug addict he went around with new girls every night. When I gathered many proofs I showed to my parents they were in shock they immediately called his parents and him too. We showed them pictures and he said they were just friends and his dad said he will change after marriage.

My dad was in no mood to listen to this crap and he immediately called off engagement just 2 months before wedding. 

This rascal has ruined my faith in men and marriages. He never loved me he wanted a new s** toy that is it

Dear society please support your girl like my dad did he saved me from making biggest mistake in life.

Parents Please stop backing your sons mistakes and please stop saying “shadi kae bad sudhar jayega” We are not here to experiment with your son and we are not teachers to teach him life lessons when you couldn’t!

Story of a annoyed frustrated girl, my friend’s cousin

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