Like Leader, Like Followers: Why Tapas Pal Is Just Following Mamata Didi

Mamata Banerjee had herself gone ballistic on PM Narendra Modi during Lok Sabha elections calling him gadha, bhonda, shaitan and danga babu.

It was nothing new when the news of a Trinamool Congress MP foul-mouthing the Communist Party of India (Maoist) workers flashed on the television. The men of West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee are now known for their hooliganism. But the episode might be called a marvelous one as Didi’s man Tapas Pal stepped a bit ahead of everyone in the course of delivering threat to people.

The TMC MP and Tollywood actor threatened to “destroy” CPI(M) workers and have their women raped if any of his party workers are attacked.

Indian Express reported: Addressing a workers’ meeting at Chowmatha village in Tehatta in Nadia district — which falls in his parliamentary constituency of Krishnanagar — on June 14, Paul said, “If any opponent (of the Trinamool) touches any Trinamool girl, any father, any child, I will destroy his entire family. Aamar chheleder dhukiye debo, rape kore chole jaabe, rape kore chole jaabe (I will unleash my boys, they will rape them, rape them).”

It did not end there. Pal, whose speech was telecasted by  Bengali news channel 24 Ghanta, issued repeated threats to his “opponents”, warning them “for the last time” that while he would stay in Krishnanagar, he would visit Chowmatha village every month and, if he ever heard that any Trinamool supporter had been harmed, he would “not spare them”.

The IE report quoted him from the video: “I am no MP, I am just a worker,” he said. “To my opponents, I show my shoe,” he added, bending to take off his footwear and holding it up. “If any CPM (worker) dares to touch my Trinamool (people), I will destroy his gushti (extended family)… Baari, ghor, gushti aami shesh kore diye chole jaabo… (I will destroy their homes and entire extended families),” he said.

“Aami prochur mastaani korechhi… aami pockete maal niye ghuri… aami nije revolver diye guli kore chole jaabo…CPM ke guli kore maarbo… (“I have been a hoodlum myself… I walk around with a maal [gun] in my pocket… I will personally shoot CPM [supporters] with a revolver…),” said Pal.

When TMC national spokesperson Derek O’Brien tweeted that “Statements made by Mr Tapas Pal are very insensitive. We do not in any way endorse what he said weeks ago, being played on TV today,” and that “Tapas Pal will need to provide a written explanation to the party in 48 hours: Derek”, it was almost unbelievable.

It should be noted that even during his poll campaign, Pal had warned that he would have the last word in the area and the police would not dare to defy him.

Incidentally, this streak of violence and anger is among most of Didi’s men which come out quite often. If we remember the incidences during Lok Sabha elections, realizing the surge of dormant Bhartiya Janata Party in the state, the TMC leaders had opened their motor mouth.

They had called Prime Minister Narendra Modi, then BJP prime ministerial candidate, “Butcher of Gujarat” who let “river of blood” flow in the state just because he questioned selling of (nonsense) paintings made by Didi for party funding for a whooping Rs 1.8 Cr.

Interestingly, Didi had done nothing about it. In fact, she was leading them all as she should being TMC chief. She had gone ballistic on Modi calling him gadha, bhonda, shaitan and danga babu. Here is a peek into the ‘wordly’ love of Mamata Di for Modi Babu:

  1. “Modi ia a ‘danga babu’ (riot man). We have not forgotten that it was he who instigated the communal riots in Gujarat in 2002.”
  2. “What does Modi know about Bengal and its people? He is a ‘gadha’ (donkey) to make comments like that. He is dubbing people of Bengal as refugees.”
  3. “Modi is a shaitan (devil), a dangerous person. He only knows the policy of divide and rule.”
  4. “Modi is Haridas Pal (useless person) who does not have an MLA here”.
  5. “It is not that easy. After (he) had said all this (on Bangladeshi infiltrators), had I been in the central government I would have tied (him) with ropes and would have made him walk on the road.”

Modi has innocently replied to all her jibes: “Didi gets angry with me as your love for me increases. She remembers me 200 times a day. I don’t know what she says of me. But Didi, your every word is blessing for me.”

And what could be more horrible than the incident where TMC goons of Didi had opened fire against the villagers celebrating Modi’s win in Lok Sabha elections?

We do not buy TMCs disciplinary bench. Afterall, like leader, like followers.

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