Mamata Didi And Her Many Jibes On Narendra Modi

Recently, Didi went ballistic on Modi calling him gadha, bhonda, shaitan and danga babu.

Mamata Didi is angry. Very angry. Why wouldn’t she be? After all, dormant Bhartiya Janata Party is rising in no time in her Paschim Banga. Under the influence of perceived ‘Modi-wave’, the voters are waning from her style of politics and singing NaMo raag these days.

After her ‘paper tiger’ remark on BJP prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi, her tirade against him has become frequent. It seems she has taken the counterattack from Modi quite seriously where he had called her a sherni (lioness) glued to her chair.

Not only Modi, her sycophants of TMC are also targeting Modi. They called him ‘Butcher of Gujarat’ who let ‘river of blood’ flow in the state just because he questioned selling of (nonsense) paintings made by Didi for party funding for a whooping Rs 1.8 Cr.

Recently, Didi went ballistic on Modi calling him gadha, bhonda, shaitan and danga babu. Here is a peek into the ‘wordly’ love of Mamata Di for Modi Babu:

  1. “Modi ia a ‘danga babu’ (riot man). We have not forgotten that it was he who instigated the communal riots in Gujarat in 2002.”
  2. “What does Modi know about Bengal and its people? He is a ‘gadha’ (donkey) to make comments like that. He is dubbing people of Bengal as refugees.”
  3. “Modi is a shaitan (devil), a dangerous person. He only knows the policy of divide and rule.”
  4. “Modi is Haridas Pal (useless person) who does not have an MLA here”.
  5. “It is not that easy. After (he) had said all this (on Bangladeshi infiltrators), had I been in the central government I would have tied (him) with ropes and would have made him walk on the road.”

Modi has innocently replied to all her jibes: “Didi gets angry with me as your love for me increases. She remembers me 200 times a day. I don’t know what she says of me. But Didi, your every word is blessing for me.”

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