What is the world saying about Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin is just one test match away before he bids adieu to the the most loved game of Hindustan.

Now that Master Blaster, Sachin is just one test match away before he bids adieu to the the most loved game of Hindustan, there is an overflow of sentiments by his fans. We take a look at a few-

“As a sportsman with a long active career as well, I think I can judge what it means to be around as many years as Sachin Tendulkar is, and I can only express my biggest respect for his achievements” – F1 great Michael Schumacher

“Sachin is the greatest sportsman India has ever produced and there is not even a close second. He will take the gold, silver and bronze medal in that category and it is incredible” – Golfer Daniel Chopra

“I know him (Sachin) quite well. He is a great cricketer but the main thing I like about him is that he is a great person and a good human being. I think that is much more valuable about him than his cricket” – Politician Rahul Gandhi

“When I heard this news, I felt my heart beat has stopped… the heart beat of Indian cricket has stopped. I don’t have words to praise him and his work. He played a phenomenal innings.. He has excelled himself in the game he played and has become a symbol of great excellence for our country” – Megastar Amitabh Bachchan

“Sachin Tendulkar is symbol of our pride” – Bollywood actor Aamir Khan

“I’ve seen him play, not as much as I would’ve liked, but I’ve watched him on television several times. It is always sad when the curtains come down on a great career. I’m really happy for him that he can go out on his terms, at the time he has chosen, at a venue of his choice. That’s really great. I hope his farewell game is everything he wants it to be. He deserves it. I wish him a great life after cricket. Hope it is as exciting and memorable as his cricket.” – Tennis star Roger Federer

“I think the timing is perfect. When you reach Sachin’s level of success, the next test match or the next 100 doesn’t mean as much as your reputation and the legacy that you leave behind. I’ll forever be sad that the greatest sportsperson I have ever seen in any sports in my life, is going to retire, but I am also happy that he is retiring with his legacy intact. India has no clue how much it will miss him till he leaves. But hopefully, he will be in the national consciousness and continue to inspire as a public figure for decades to come.” – Actor Rahul Bose

Photo: BCCI

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