These Are The Subtle Signs Your Aries Man Might Be Cheating On You

Subtle signs of cheating

Subtle signs of cheating – Men in general are polygamous but Aries men are pretty adept at that.

They tend to cheat notoriously when they are done with, apparently bored with the woman and things start to get mundane with her. They are in constant chase and love to go through the highs and lows of love and won’t settle in a comfort zone. Not to mention, nothing can match an Aries man’s passion when it comes to love as they can love intensely but one has to keep them interested.

Also, there is no need to freeze this idea in your mind that an Aries man really struggles to remain faithful because it depends on their decision completely.

So, if you are dating an Aries man and have a sneaky doubt if he is sowing his old oats, then let us give you some subtle signs of cheating to understand things better:

Subtle signs of cheating –

1. He is spending time alone:

Is your man spending too much time behind the doors on his computer contrary to his extrovert nature? He may be cheating on you. May be he is dating online.

2. He is seeking a lot of physical affection:

Aries people are energetic and they need a lot of attention to satiate their ego, most of which comes from your physical affection, so if you are failing to deliver that, he might seek naked pictures from other women online and seek your proximity quench that unrequited thirst.

3. Check if he is checking out ‘girly’ girls:

Aries men are fierce sex signs. They love all things girly about a girl and loathe tom boys. If your man starts complimenting other girls on their ear-rings, cleavage or heels, he is grown out of you and seeking a new direction.

4. He is no longer possessive about you:

Aries men are controlling in their relationships and they won’t cotton to their women flirting with other guys no matter how much they flirt. In the initial period of dating, your man would be aggressively possessive about you and if he eventually cold shoulders if you flirt with other guys, your guess is correct.

5. You will see a change in his temperament:

An Aries man is temperamental and if his behaviour changes all of a sudden and he stars to build you up other than criticizing or talking trash, know for sure he has his interest rooted somewhere else.

6. He is no longer sharing his secrets with you:

He wears that good boy image which is a defence mechanism to keep his secrets well-hidden. If he abruptly stops sharing his likes and dislikes with you, he is no longer interested in you but still afraid of a heartbreak hence holding on to you.

7. He doesn’t pester you for your attention:

Of course, there is someone else to pay him that. You are like another furniture in his house. He won’t mind if you leave but he will never ask you to.

These are the Subtle signs of cheating – Aries men are emotionally weak lot, they are way more afraid of heartbreaks than you think. He will never let go of you for his selfish means, for he is accustomed to you. Now it is for you to decide whether you will stay for adjustments or leave for love.

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