An Open Letter From A Girl To A Guy Who Thinks Cheating On Someone Is Okay!

okay to cheat

To the Cheater,

It’s weird how some people are and how their brain functions is something that is hard to find and I think you are just one of them.

After all, you think it’s okay to cheat and you have done that very proudly in your past.

Now, tell me one thing that what is there in your mind that says it is okay to cheat? If cheating is fine for you, then you shouldn’t be calling yourself in a relationship at all.

In fact, you are just a jerk who likes to go around with girls because it’s too hard for you to stay with one.

First of all, why do you even want to cheat? Well, it’s completely fine if you are not okay with the concept of love and you just want to sleep around. But for that, you need to explain yourself to the girl before you get into a truth. Because when you think you will get in a relationship with someone and keep cheating on them on the other hand, the girl is unaware of your true intentions and actually falls in love with you.

Secondly, do you have any idea how much it hurts when you get to know that the man you are in love with is actually playing around with your feelings. It sucks and you would never be able to understand it because you are not one the receiving end. Once you reach here, you will know what it feels like. And once you do, you’d never be able to hurt anyone’s feelings or cheat on anyone.

Apart from this, I also want to tell you that on one fine day, your craze for cheating on women will get over. After all, we all wish for stability at one point of life and it can come to you sooner or later. So, the day you will start hunting for true love, there will be none left and all you will be left with is a lot of regret. I have seen a lot of people going through the same and I am sure you’d too.

To conclude, I just want to say that you still have time and you can still forget that the concept of cheating on someone exists in this world. To be honest, you’d find yourself in a much better place once you stop believing in cheating and start trusting on love.

A concerned women!

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