Five NEGATIVE Characteristics Of ARIES Zodiac Sign

Negative characteristics of Aries

Negative characteristics of Aries – There is something very nice about the capacity of the Aries-born to be active, energetic and enterprising.

Regardless, they have their faults, some of them quite difficult to bear too!

Here’s is a glimpse into the darker side of their personalities – Negative characteristics of Aries.

Negative characteristics of Aries

1 – Love to Dominate

If there is anything that irks most people, it is being controlled by others. Arians love to thrust their thoughts and demands on others. Their egoism and pompousness are difficult to handle, especially when they scream, “Now, now and now”!

2 – Always in a Hurry

Things can go wrong when one is in a hurry, and things do go wrong when the extremely impatient Aries-born people are around. They would like everything to be completed immediately, similar to preparing instant coffee! Even decisions are taken in a hurry, without taking time to think a situation through. Naturally, they end up regretting their rashness later on.

3 – Temper, Temper

It would be best to keep a distance, and even keep one’s tongue under control, when the atmosphere seems to crackle with electricity! The Aries-born are quick to fierce anger and aggressiveness. They may not hurt you physically, for they are not violent by nature, but raze you to the ground with their voluble and extremely brutal tongues.

4 – Passionate to the Extreme

Whatever tasks they take up, they put their hearts and minds into completing them. Breaks and pauses have no place in this pressure-filled atmosphere. The tremendous drive and ambition to succeed tend to turn them into over-achievers. However, they serve to make the rest of the team go crazy, especially when the members are not used to such extreme diligence and effort.

5 – Hate Criticism

The Aries-born people love to criticise, but hate anyone else criticising them. Whenever they are criticised or face obstacles, they become defensive. They are so self-centred and self-involved that they can always find something to excuse even their most glaring faults.

These are negative characteristics of Aries – On a final note, the Aries-born people are also wonderfully loyal and devoted, especially towards their own families. They are stubbornly optimistic. Such characteristics may help them overcome their flaws, if they work on them sincerely.

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