Unfolded Secrets Of US Ice City Present Under Greenland

Ice city Greenland

The under-grounded city built in Greenland is the US ice city. Abandoned ice city is the creation of invasion of the US army that is known as the “Story of Camp Centuries”.  The intention of the Cold war is to develop a hidden city that can work on nuclear warheads. Now, after decades space is crashed due to the disadvantages of habitation.

The destruction of the camp still has the remaining city built under the city of Greenland. Technically the city was designed with structures that can exist for 10 years without maintenance.

US Ice city

Building of US Ice City and Greenland

In 1959, the initiative was taken to build Camp Century, it was the arctic subsurface camp that was an innovative construction. The digging and cutting of the underneath ice, developing the spaces with cover trenches extended to the length of 1100 ft or 330 meters. Trenches were strengthened with steel arches enabling increasing the stability and life span.

Apart from the in-built trenches for developing the space habitable the drainage line was essential. But due to the snowfalls and cutting of ice had made it an issue for habitation. Later in 1962, the problem of sewer lines was reduced with the pulling of the water wastes to 52 feet. It provided relief to the camps. At the beginning of the US, ice city had to tolerate the sewer problems for almost one and half years.

Though, the present situation of the melting ice ensures that the abandoned city will still remain in the future. The city considered as the base camp had all necessary neighborhood elements. Theaters, shops, and barber shops, but the space was facing hygienic issues due to the lack of proper planning and design.

In the Camp century, Ice city had the backup of portable nuclear reactors, they were the first inventor and users. Another major issue that rouse with it is the exposure of heat that led to an increase in the melting of ice apart from producing electricity.

The major reason to abandon Greenland  Under city Camp

Due to lack of ventilation, it had become difficult for the military to survive difficultly. The slow development of the underneath city turned practical for survival in 1965. On other hand, the technical changes offered visibility for nuclear power. Altogether effective for future is still the only camp century built in history.

Space was declared as the scientific research station, it was a secret mission that had structure and planning of Nuclear war provision. Later the camp space was left in 1966, after giving up on the military attacks.

After several decades, the space still remains stable with the ice-melted water signifies or entering to the maximum of 1.1 meters. But according to research in 2016, it is assumed that if the ice melting intensifies it has the ability to release nuclear waste that includes diesel fuel of 200,000 liters. The Greenland ice city was built to spread its power with the atomic invasions.

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