These Quotes From Blue Valentine Will Be A Cure For Your Aching Heart

Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine – People fall in love only to be reverted with pain, not always but yes, most of the times.

Pain is the startling reality we tend to close our eyes to and bring our own destruction. Pain rips us off our basic innocence and we turn into ice Popsicle, cold as heck.

Love makes our heart scoot like the chilly winds sway the leaves of the oak tree, we stand incapacitated to erect the pillars of resistance until we know that all is lost. We are left with an aching heart and occasional lumping on the throat.

If you have had such an experience too, may be these quotes from Blue Valentine can soothe:

Blue Valentine quotes –

” How do you trust your feelings when they can disappear just like that?”

Some people’s feelings disappear just like someone left the lid off a bottle of spirit. They promise the world to the beloved while entering the relationship and fly them to wonderland. Eventually, they grow out of the relationship and seek love elsewhere leaving an aching heart behind.

“You have the right to say I do trust, I trust myself” 

The key to happiness is self-love which can’t be replaced with anything. Self-love leads to positive thinking and when you think positively, the world becomes a better place for you. In many instances, people who think positively, made people around them likewise too with their towering compassion.

“I just got a feeling about her, you know, when a song comes and you gotta dance?” 

What happens when you think about your beloved? may be you smile unknowingly and people take you for a mad person. That madness is love, that ecstasy is love, that undying flicker in your heart to see them is love, that skipping of heartbeat at their arrival is love. Your beloved is like a song to you then, whose tune intoxicates you and makes you dance.

“You never know the value of a moment until it becomes memory” 

Moments are like droplets in the vast ocean of time. With moments, memories are made but when a moment becomes a memory, we realize its true worth. I, hereby recall the Bryan Adams’ song “Please forgive me” where he revokes the old memories’ “Still feels like our first night together, feels like the first kiss, it’s gettin’ better baby, no one can better this, still holdin’ on, you are still the one” . The ‘firsts’ are the small moments that leave big imprints on memory.

“You always hurt the one you love, the one you should not hurt at all”

Sad, but true. As an act of exercising our rights, we cross limits and end up hurting the person who means to us the most. May be they don’t complain because they love us back too but we should not hurt them at all. We never know with life, separation can come in any turn.

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