What To Do When You Fall In Love With Two People At The Same Time?

Falling in love with two people

Falling in love with two people – Love is eternal, love is commercial, love is philosophy, love is mystical!!

We can go on and on about what love is and what it does to all of us!

The bottom line is whether it is humans or animals love keeps us alive and gives us a reason to live. Some people find the love of their life, some die trying to find it. Some make do with whatever love they possess and some search for it like fanatics.

The irony of the situation happens when you try for finding love and fall in love with not one, but two people at the same time! All hell breaks loose and the inner turmoil and confusion that takes place is what makes a hurricane look like a walk in the park.

So, is it possible falling in love with two people at the same time? Sincerely, honestly, genuinely?

Falling in love with two people!

The answer is a plain, YES! Absolutely!

To understand it logically, think of love like this. Nature gave us this emotion that we call love, in abundance and it is up to us on how we spread it and spend it. However, the evolution of humans resulted in some rules being formed about monogamy and then folk tales, stories, folk songs started being in circulation all propagating the idea of having only one love in life, the love of your life! Did the nature create it? No! Did man create it? Yes! Trust us when we say that all man made things are made for a purpose that most of the times don’t agree with what nature has done to make us survive and thrive on this planet. Man made this rule of one-love to avoid chaos in society so that order can be maintained and life can progress in so-called peace and harmony.

However, the exact opposite can be seen when people fall in genuine love (mind it, it is not lust or sexual escapades we are talking about!) with multiple people at the same time and then emotionally get drained and live in guilt unable to decide whom to choose and which path to take.

It is a philosophical way of saying that if you loved one person completely you won’t fall for another person. There is no truth in it because every person in life is there to complete you in some or the other manner. The one you love, completes you the most, yet leaves a part of you yearning for something more, leaving it unfinished business. The moment someone else fills that part, you feel and start liking that someone else, probably even falling in love with that person.

When stuck in such scenarios, do a simple analysis. Sit back and think what you are getting from each of your partners and who is making you feel more happy and complete.

Once you get your answers, you will be able to decide whom to be with! And even then, you might want to be both! In such a scenario, wish that your partners are broad-minded enough to understand human need of giving and receiving love, from as many sources as possible. That’s the only option to avoid creating a scene!

Let love find you and you find love! Whether with one person or many, Falling in love with two people may be your destiny, it is your calling!

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