Why Hindi songs with absurd lyrics always hit the charts?

Have you ever wondered why many popular Hindi songs have absolutely weird lyrics? Well, here are few conclusions we could draw will we played few of them.

Bollywood films which are weak on story front have always picked up really well. Wondered why? It is because of the epic songs that they promote more than the film. You might not remember the name of the film but you will always recollect that weird song from that movie. These songs  get stuck in your head even if you don’t really like to admit it.

The lyrics have absolutely no deep meaning. All it has is just few meaningless words and random beats. But, these are songs that usually hit the music charts. Here are few reasons for its popularity. Take a look and give it a hear too!  

These songs are peppy
It makes you happy for some funny reason. You end up giggling while hearing it out.

These songs are infectious
Ever heard of ear worms? Well, these kind of songs are nothing less, given the kind of infection they give you. You hear these songs everywhere you go. People around you too hum these songs as well. By the end of the day you hear yourself murmuring those words too.

These songs can be played even on ‘blah’ days
There are days in the month, when you  feel like killing people. There are moments in the day where you want shut yourself from the world and that is when these songs flip your mood.

These songs can make you tap your feet
When you are happy high or when you are just hearing them while travelling these songs do make you tap your feet.

These songs are fit for all occasions and celebrations
Be it a house party or a wedding or even Ganesh Chaturthi these songs are played to attract your attention.

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