Can Cartoons Be Life-Threatening? This Video Will Tell Why Charlie Hebdo Was Attacked

January 7th will be noted as a sad day in both the world of cartoons and fearless journalism as the satirical political weekly publication, Charlie Hebdo faced a massive setback with 12 officers killed while 11 being injured in an attack. These cartoons will illustrate the significance of the publication and why it was targeted.

January 7th saw an immense defeat of fearless portrayal of truth with the officers of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical French weekly publication being attacked by masked gunmen for posting cartoons in their magazine that questioned some of Islam’s dubious beliefs and practices.

Though this was not the first attack, yet it was successful in shattering the whole spirit of the organization. Now you can know through this video what these cartoons were all about, what they meant and what might have led those gunmen to kill 12 officers and injure 11 others! Unlike what the purpose of the gunmen was, Charli Hebdo and their cartoons have created a rage now! 

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