5 Reasons Ryan Gosling Will Always Be Every Girl’s Crush

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is an on-screen character, a great father, and reason for over a million smiles.

Ryan caught our hearts with The Notebook, solidified his cool status with Drive, and speedily wound up adored by both men and ladies all over the place. Somebody that handsome and loved could without much of a stretch have turned out to be proud, yet not our Ryan.

He is everything and there are a hundred reasons why.

Let’s have a look at 5 of those reasons why Ryan Gosling will always be every girl’s crush.

1 – He can do Dirty Dancing

As confirmed in Crazy, Stupid, Love when he lets it out his mark move to attract women and Emma Stone requests evidence. Well, any woman who is in love with Dirty Dancing, will faint when it comes to seeing Ryan Gosling dance. Haven’t you?

2 – He is the lord of Tumblr

The F***YeahRyanGosling is as yet a welcome sight on Tumblr. It comprises of pictures of Gosling doing different things subtitled by ‘Hello young lady’ articulations. For instance, ‘Hello young lady, would we be able to read ‘The Middlesteins’ before bed this evening?’ Oh, go on then, Ryan. In the event that we should.

3 – He’s all for women empowerment

No, truly. It began after he heard his film Blue Valentine would get a NC-17 rating, which means only old people can see it. He had a correct tirade about how this was likely down to a scene where he performs oral sex on his co-star. He figured that if the scene was turned around and it was her co-star performing oral sex on him the film wouldn’t have such a brutal rating.

4 – He made having a sex doll as a partner alright

In Lars and the Real Girl he played Lars Lindstrom, a person so cripplingly bashful and forlorn that he goes up against a doll as a partner. Gosling really made the entire thing inspiring.

5 – Both ladies and men adore him

If you don’t trust me, ask the toughest and the strongest man you know and that person will tell you if he likes Ryan Gosling or not. In fact, most of the men want to be like him and most of the women want to be with him. Well, that’s Ryan Gosling, yeah!!

These are the resons why Ryan Gosling is every girl’s crush. So, if you are in love with Ryan Gosling too, just stay the same and keep loving like you do!

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