How To Know If It’s Love and not Lust?

Love - Lust

Love – Lust – Your heart is beating faster, your world suddenly has become beautiful and you are excited to be in a feeling called ‘Love’, but are you sure you are in LOVE and not ‘LUST’!!!

Sometimes you believe that you are in love but after sometime you realise it wasn’t actually love, Love – Lust. But can you differentiate between Love – Lust ? Well yeah, read on and know if it’s love or just lust.

Lets see whether it is Love – Lust –

When it’s not just about ‘Sex’ anymore!


Sex is important in a healthy relationship, but if it’s only and only about sex, you really need to think if it’s actually love. Love is more about trust, commitment and communication, but if all you think of ‘Why aren’t we having sex right now?’ then you need to take a step back and commit only when it’s love because it may be lust for you but someone might be falling truly in love with you, so why to hurt others if you’re still unsure of your own feeling?

Lust fades, Love stays!


Always remember if it’s only and only lust, you will be bored of other person soon. Sometimes it’s not just about physical intimacy but emotional intimacy, and if your relationship has more deep emotional talks than sex, feel lucky to be in TRUE LOVE!

When it’s only about the inner beauty that counts!


Sometimes you like someone because you feel that person looks great or hot, but remember if it’s only the outer body that matters to you, with time you will realize you never really loved that person but their body. This quote truly stands true here,”It’s easy to take off your clothes and have sex, people do it all the time but opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirits, thoughts, future, fears, hope and dreams…that’s being naked!”. Love someone who they are inside because that’s what they really are. And if you already do that, hey congratulations it’s true love!

When you focus on real aspects of relationship and not just fantasies!


Love isn’t a very smooth journey, every relationship goes through some tough timings and how you come out of it truly makes your bond an everlasting one. If it’s true love you would be more concerned about how to make your relationship work and not just about some stupid fantasies you’re creating in your mind. Talk it out, express and understand each other and trust me it works if you really understand how important you both are to each other.

When you feel for someone without any conditions!


Always remember love is unconditional, while lust isn’t. Someone has rightly said ‘Real love begins where nothing is expected in return’..When it’s lust all you are concerned about is yourself, you put yourself first without even thinking about your partner. But when it’s love all it matters to you is your partner’s happiness and comfort. If it’s just lust, you might sleep with someone else without feeling guilty but when it’s love you can’t even think of doing that to someone you love.

To be honest, it’s not really difficult to know if it’s love or not.

And always remember love is one of the most amazing feeling in the world, if you are unsure of yours don’t screw it up for other who truly believe in love.

So what do you think is it love or lust for you?

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