This Tattoo Artist Is Famous For Covering Up Domestic Violence Permanent Scars For Free!

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This Tattoo Artist Is Famous For Covering Up Domestic Violence Permanent Scars For Free!

Tattoo artist – Some people are born heroes, heroes without capes.

These people go an extra mile just to help others and make them happy too. The deeds they do in order to make others happy are absolutely selfless and unconditional. These types of people actually exist even today and once they come into their limelight, they never fade away no matter what. Here we have Flavia Carvalho who is a 31 years old tattoo-artist from Brazil.

She is not like the other tattoo artists that we know, she is much beyond that.

Let’s see how:

This woman is one of her kind because of a particular reason and that reason is that she ink for free.

She makes tattoos for women for free who have been victims of domestic violence so much that it has left scars on their bodies. These women decide to move-on in their lives but their scars kept reminding them about the reasons and situations which caused them. It was obviously very disturbing for women until and unless they decided to cover it up with beautiful designs and colours.

Scars play an integral part in one’s life because they become a part of their bodies which holds in them a lot of memories, experiences and situations. These scars also act as a reminder for people about how they got there etc. this woman is trying to ease the pain and sadness of women for which she inks colorful tattoos on their scars and hides it forever.

These women tattoo artist consider her to be an angel in their lives because of the strength, courage and beauty she adds to them which give them a boost in their confidence and self-esteem like never before. These women come out to be a different personality once they get their scars hidden with these amazing tattoos. She doesn’t charge a single penny from women who want to get their scars covered-up and especially if they are on their bodies because of domestic violence.

The first time she decided to make free tattoos for victims of domestic violence was when a woman approached her saying that she needs to get her scar covered-up with colorful tattoos. While covering-up her scar she asked the lady that what caused her scar to which the lady replied that she was stabbed by a man at a nightclub who tried to approach her and she restricted him. This agitated Flavia to cover-up all the scars which come to her because of similar episodes.

This woman tattoo artist undoubtedly, is an angel.

She is an epitome of kindness, humbleness, humanity, love and generosity.

Women take away strength and courage besides beautiful tattoos on their bodies and cover-ups for their scars. Such people are God’s children in true sense.

This tattoo artist is an inspiration, a motivation for everybody of us. She is a proof that a life lived for other is a life worth living. She is an angel in true sense and we are proud to share the world with people like her.

Hats off to her!

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