Feelings You Go Through When You Are In Love

When you are in love

When you are in love – So, you are living your life, just like every other day. You hang out with your friends, discuss issues with family members – that’s your daily routine.

One day, while you are minding your business, comes along a guy/girl who instantly sweeps you off your feet.

In the following few days, your behaviour around them changes. “Did I just develop a crush?” Yes, you did.

This is when the so-called chemical locha takes place in your brain forcing you to behave in a manner When you are in love, you would not otherwise.

When you are in love –

In the initial days, you will feel all nervous and act in a way that was not known to you. Time and again, you would be reminded by your friends that your swooning-like behaviour is pretty evident.


When your adrenaline is pumping at an all-time high, you find yourself energised at all times. Also, you have your moments, wherein you blurt out something totally irrelevant to the situation.


Regardless of what the world thinks about them, you only have positive feedback for whatever they do.


The first thought after you wake up in the morning and the last thought before you go to sleep is about them.


You become protective of them…maybe even overprotective. You look at others with suspicion and any guy/girl hitting on your potential boyfriend/girlfriend gets the worst look you carry.


Parties are events that you look forward to eagerly. This is when you can dress yourself at your best. You also make it a point to stay close to your love interest through the evening. When you receive a positive compliment, it is a job well done for you.


You might be a good dancer, but not today. You are nervous about sharing the dance floor with your crush making it difficult for you to show your best moves. Instead, you dance in a way that would put Nataraja to shame.


During your first kiss, you experience so much dopamine that you crave for it more. Even your pupils dilate like never before sending you into a trance.


This is what happens when you are in love – You feel the happiest ever you have felt in your lifetime. Regardless of whether or not the relationship lasts, you definitely cherish priceless moments you spent with your love interest…that is until you meet someone else!

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