Girl and Boy Friendship, Platonic Love or Lust

Girl and Boy Friendship

Girl and Boy Friendship – Where there is no friendship in a relationship, it is not likely to last in the long haul. It is believed that you can only keep someone to yourself by virtue of friendship, if love seems to fall in shambles.

While the best of friends make the best couples, only those people who loved each other with ruthless intensity can be best of friends after the break-up.

However, love is aligned with two indispensible things, one is lust and another heartbreak. However, a heart only becomes wise after having gone through series of heartbreaks.

Time and again, Bollywood movies have catered the idea that a girl and boy friendship eventually takes the romantic turn and so far we have bought into that in blindfolds. We won’t completely rule out the practicality of the statement which is partially true. A girl and boy friendship is platonic love in guise and where there is love, physical desire is sinisterly involved. The concept that Bollywood egged us on to believe has hence given credence to.

There is a template set-up about every rom-com cutting across the barriers of nation, boy meets girl, friendship blooms and gradually that turn to crush then love. People out there who have watched the movies like A Lot Like Love or Letters to Juliet are not quite unfamiliar to the idea but there a question lurks in the corner, is the concept ‘best friends make best lovers’ completely true and beyond questionable measures?

This is a time and age when male and women rub shoulders everywhere and share responsibilities, home or office. When in school, boys are girls don’t discriminate each other as opposite sex but come puberty, they start looking at each other like potential dating partners. Dating, nowadays has become a kind of exploration where people want to find out how acceptable they are to different other people thereby rendering love a tool of gamble.

In general cases, we gravitate towards people who seem to share our interests and the matching wavelength sparks the chemistry between us. Lust, so to speak, plays a major role in that gravitation but science says there still are confidantes who don’t attracted to each by means of lust but pure friendship.

Of course, we are not rooting out the concept of a little attraction towards each other thrown in because that is biological and seems to add more fun to the relationship but the phenomenal part of the entire relationship, or in plainspeak, the fundamental part of a relationship is that the friendship. Remember what ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’  taught us? ‘Pyar Dosti Hai’.

It takes a lot of restraint to remain friends to the opposite sex and keep things platonic but there are references of such relationships that really are inspiring.

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