Yes A Girl And A Boy Can Be Friends, Friends For Life!

Friend and friendship

Friend and friendship – There is a common notion of a girl and a boy can never be friends.

There has been always a huge debate, that can a girl and a boy be “just” friends or not. This really keeps people in a dilemma of what are the feelings exactly? But, it’s pretty plausible that a girl and a boy can remain friends for life without any kind of sensuous attractions towards each other.

A friend is a friend and friendship never has a gender bias.

There are many girls who have mostly guy friends and their programming is different from that of a typical girl. But that doesn’t mean that there is a feeling of attraction. It is perfectly normal to be friends with the opposite gender and it does not affect any of the chemistry among the people. On similar lines, there should also not be any kinds of loose ends to the friendship; things should be clear in each other’s head.

There is still a taboo and wrong judgments when a boy and a girl are seen together. It is not at all necessary that they have to be in a relationship, they can be the best of friends spending time together.

In fact it is said that you should have at least one friend from an opposite sex to understand their point of view. It encompasses the perspective and helps for a long run. A friend sitting right next to you can be the best thing to have. There are all kinds of friends during our span of life.

The most important are the much talked about langotiya yaar, who are with you right from the time when you came into this world. A side kick who is a partner in crime in whatever you do. Then there is a wiser friend in your life that you trust when they guide you through, also they never leave any stone unturned to cheer up when we feel the lowest in our life. Things are very simple in a friendship; they are above the level of any anticipations, doubts and formalities.

It’s pretty normal to hug a guy friend, to spend more than a normal time with them. You can share a meal with them and yes share a bed for sleeping without having any sexual attraction. You can be their 3am friends and vice versa and ready to be on toes at any point of time. Friendship might be a way to find your life partner but not all friendship ends up with love and this is the best part to have!

Friend and friendship. So this post was not to again start a debate on the topic but just to give a nice little insight on a friendship of a girl and a boy. Also, it’s all about the friendship that has to be pure no matter a friend is girl or a guy! Hope you are blessed with one such friend whom you would never like to lose in your life.

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