4 Typical Signs That Prove Your Hatred For Your Job And How To Overcome It

Why you hate your job – we tell you all about the symptoms of hating your job, and how to overcome the hatred.

Every morning when the alarm rings, pain and despair creeps into your mind.

You start thinking of the plausible effects of not making it to the work. Every day is a struggle and you dread the coming day when you get back home, from work.

Well, the symptoms you think point towards one thing- you hate your job and there is only one way to get out of it. A number of people face the same scenario. However, the job economy is never the same, which is why making a change is not as easy as you consider it to be.

We tell you all about the symptoms of hating your job, and how to overcome the hatred.

1. You don’t feel challenged anymore

Challenges come forward in a number of forms. You have probably been given a responsibility you hate to fulfil, yet those are not the probable challenges you feel, are making you love your job. No matter how difficult or easy your job is, unless you meet adequate challenges on a regular basis, you’re going to feel bored.

The only solution to this issue is working with your supervisors and co-workers to find ways of improvement and change in your working style.

2. Unsatisfying perks

You dread more responsibilities because you are aware of the under or no-reward scenario of the workplace. Everybody likes to make more money, if not rewarded with certain perks. Most of the times, if not always, the feeling is right. You may not be rewarded according to your responsibilities, but you can definitely do something about it, rather than cribbing about it all the time.

Good employers listen to the salary and benefits concern when it comes to employee motivation. So the best thing to do here is to talk to your boss about why you feel underpaid and what it would take to make you feel adequately compensated.

3. No appreciation

One of the most common reasons why the thought of quitting a job crosses an employee’s mind, is because of the lack of motivation provided by the employer. Even if your pay is adequate and you quality of work is better than the others, appreciation is something that has the capability to bring out the best in a employee. No or less appreciation on the other hand, makes you feel unrecognized and ends up making you hate your job.

In such a case, have a direct conversation with your employer and talk about the matter. Ask them if they found your work good and where area does they find inappropriate. Convey that you don’t expect to be rewarded, but at the same time expect your work to be appreciated.

4. Different goals

Maybe when you joined the organization you goals were the similar to what the organization was all about. However, things have changes and there are many factors responsible for making you feel out of place now.

This is something, that’s really difficult to deal with. It’s not just tough but almost impossible to change the core values of the company you work with. So your best bet is to switch your profile. You could always switch to a different team, or ask your supervisor to allot you a different profile for a definitie time period.

Positive reception at work, often help employees to fight the i-do-not-fit-here-anymore feeling. But to receive that positive reception and make it work in your favour, you need to put in some efforts as well.

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