Why Sunny Leone Gets More Respect Than Any Other Actress Of Her Genre

Sunny Leone Gets More Respect

I am sure, like many other people, you must have wondered how Sunny Leone gets so much respect from people than the actresses of her genre like Poonam Pandey, Sherlyn chopra, Rakhi Sawant and many others who are here as just an eye candy.

Well, to be honest, Sunny Leone is not at all like the actresses of her so called genre because she has maintained a certain level in her personal life which is not reflective in the kind of movies she does. To explain it further, here are some reasons why Sunny Leone gets more respect than any other actress of her genre.

Sunny Leone gets more respect – 

  • Totally opposite to Rakhi Sawant, MallikaSherawat or Sherlyn Chopra, Leone is not intrigued by straightforwardly talking up about patriarchy or social issues, as much as she is in swimming past it rapidly.
  • She talks respectfully of her folks and Leone never takes up the sympathy account. She possesses her work totally and underscores that it has dependably been her decision and nobody ever forced her into whatever she did. She additionally never falls back on insulting or stereotyping Indian culture, which numerous Indians do with a specific end goal to separate themselves from people.
  • Sunny Leone never falls into socially stereotyping. At the point when she was asked about what she thought of women atrocities she just said, “This is happening in every nation on the planet. On the off chance that our educators and guardians teach us in a different manner, the message will go out.”
  • Bollywood calls Sunny Leone a rock star on her amazingly brave interview that she gave to a creepy reporter. Anushka Sharma, Rishi Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Sushant Singh Rajput are among other people who have acclaimed Sunny Leone for being a rock star in a humiliating interview.
  • Scarlett Rose, a Mumbai-based bikini model and Splitsvilla candidate, told Anushree Majumdar, who profiled Leone for The Indian Express: “Sunny is one of my good examples. It is difficult to be a bikini model because others believe you’re a porn star. When I heard that Sunny was presenting Splitsvilla, I felt that here was some person who might comprehend my profession.”
  • The obstruction that once existed between the champion and the vamp has now been recast as a class distinction. This is the reason Deepika and Kareena are in A-rundown movies, while Emraan Hashmi and different other women occupy the B-in addition to universe of films. It is in this B world that Sunny Leone rules.
  • She is the most searched person on Indian Google.

These are the reasons Sunny Leone gets more respect – Whatever people still might say about her past profession, they should never forget that she left her past behind and moved on towards a better future. If nothing, we need to respect her courage to do that in such a great manner.

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