Most Tamilians Are Black And That’s The Goddamn Truth!


Tamilians – No, we are not making this utterly stupid statement.

It has been said by you! Shocked?  We had posted an article on the Tamil community a couple of months back and we are as shocked as you’re to see a number of comments on the skin tone of these simple and lovely people.

Is skin colour so important that certain communities are branded as dark or black?

Is fairness so necessary that you’re ready to abuse, hurt and mock a certain section of the society? Are we so cheap and illiterate?

If Tamilians are dark or a shade darker than you’re, it matters nothing to you. Because it shouldn’t .


Tamilians are brilliant people who can be found on top of every frigging thing in the country. From finance to literature to art to sciences, they are everywhere and doing a damn good job of it. We do hope shallow-minded people who come up such statements as the said headline understand such things.

Instead of calling them dark or black, try looking up their rich history and colourful culture. Did you know it’s one of the oldest and most difficult languages in the world? Tamil became a classical language in 2004? In fact, it’s one of the first languages to attain this status. Spoken by over seventy million people in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia, this Dravidian language is one of the major South Indian languages.

Call it ignorance, stupidity or plain ‘don’t-care-a-damn’ attitude, most people fight over something as stupid as the region they’re from. But something that’s even stupider is that they believe in stereotypes and judge people on their skin tone and complexion.

But what people don’t realise is that beauty lies in people’s hearts and not on their face or colour.

In fact, Tamilians are an intelligent lot. It’s said that intelligence lies in their genes and passed on from generation to generation. And that’s why Tamilians excel at maths, science, arts and English. What does that tell you about their upbringing?

Don’t forget the fact that Tamilains are one of the most hardworking and educated classes in the society. Although they have a tough competition from their neighbours (Malayalees), Tamilians are doing rather well when it comes to literacy.

The reason most of them won’t even bother replying to you when you call them dark is because they know they are more talented, and certainly a lot smarter and mature than you are. Traditionally, South Indians are considered to be a simple lot who keep to themselves. They give more importance to actions than words.

So, guys…stop being racist and accept everybody for what they are not for their skin and complexion. If a person is good, he/she deserves your help and guidance. Be a good human being first, rest everything will follow…


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