This Model Bravely Took A Stand To Shut Down The Racism In Fashion Industry!

Racism In Fashion Industry

Racism In Fashion Industry – No matter what; Racism still exists.

The whole concept of differentiating between black & white has created debate since past. No matter how much we think that it’s over but the truth is, it still exists. There are many industry that believes “No Racism because we are the same” and it’s a good thing too. But on the other side, there are industries that still differentiates between black & white. Today, we are going to talk about Racism in Fashion Industry.

Yes, Fashion Industry is the most glamorous one.

Racism in Fashion Industry is a common thing. Yes, it is now that many Fashion industries are taking a step to stop racism by giving equal chance to each and every model. Undoubtedly, Fashion industry has proved many times that “Black & White model” are treated equally. But the recent matter will make you think about it.

Recently, a black model “Londone Myers” posted about the struggles that a black woman with natural hair faces in the industry. She shared a BTS time-lapse video that shows she’s waiting for a hairstylist to work on her hair but no one is coming to do the work on her hair. It also shows that they’re working only on doing white woman’s hair. To show the racism , she took a step and uploaded a video.

Take a look –

She revealed some more details while talking to TeenVogue “I was just so frustrated with how people would avoid even looking at me. I usually do my hair before every show, but this time I just showed up without anything on hand like everyone else.

No explanation was given at all. There isn’t really much confronting you can do with these hairstylists. I’m not going to chastise [them], but [they] still don’t know what to do with natural hair … I simply asked around the room for who did black hair multiple times and was cast aside, until they sat me in this guy’s chair who tried to send me off looking unpolished, like the other [black] girls. One of the other black models saw all of the lint in my hair and was surprised.

I used to experience so many people making my hair look so bad. I just started doing the curls they liked before each show and shoot. It got to the point where I was the only one I could rely on. It makes me mad because I know they don’t expect that from most girls; just the ones whose hair is too hard to do.”

Ever since she revealed about industry racism, many people are applauding her for the taking a stand. Now, people are not just calling her an amazing model but an inspirational person too.

No doubt, we really think she did an amazing job. One should know that you shouldn’t disrespect anyone’s hair, just like skin color.

This was all about the racism in Fashion industry.

(Source: Cosmopolitan)

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