How To Flutter Fake Lashes In Style!

We give you six cool tricks to wear your fake lashes like a pro! What are you waiting for? Read on…

We all love a little bit of drama, don’t we? Whether it’s the lips or eyes, women want to look smoking hot. While mascara and eyeliners are perfect for dreamy eyes, it’s the fake lashes that really bring out the wild side in a woman. But what many women do while putting fake lashes is that they forget to follow the proper procedure, which can make the lashes look extremely fake and wannabe. The trick is to make them look as close to your own lashes as possible. We tell you ways to wear your lashes right. Take a look!

Trick # 1:
Use your eyeliner brush (the angular one used for gel-based liner) to smudge a bit of skin-friendly glue on to your upper waterline. Instead of directly applying the adhesive to your waterline, use a brush as it not only makes the sticking process easier, but also gives it an even coating. The same goes for your lower waterline too. But make sure to use a thinner brush as you can accidently spill glue into your eyes when using a broad brush.


Trick # 2:

Curl your fake lashes like you would your own ones and then stick them to your eyelids. Because our lashes return to their normal position after a while in the dry air, that’s why you need to curl them before using them. Remember, this is just the base coat mascara or clear mascara. You can wear tinted mascara once your fakes are in place. The base coat will also help keep your lashes lively and shiny.


Trick #3
Before applying the lashes, make sure that they are trimmed to match your eye size and shape. If you have oval-shaped eyes, almost any length and style of lashes will work on you. But if you small and close set eyes, go for wispy lashes so that they don’t hide your eyes completely. For bug eyes, the longer the lashes, the merrier! Use nail scissors to trim them as they can droop unflatteringly if they don’t match your eye size.


Trick #4:

As the fake lashes tend to stand erect after a while, it’s important to bend the edges to form a C before attaching them to your own lashes. The C-shaped lashes will merge perfectly with your own lashes and not poke you in the corners either! If the fakes are not bending properly, use a little bit of moisturizer to bend them effortlessly. You could also use a tiny drop of glue to fix them into C!


Trick #5
Oily eyelids can ruin your make-up and make them look out of place. So always blot out the extra oil by using a blotting paper or by powdering the lids with translucent compact. When you attach the lashes after removing the excess oil, it will stick faster and last longer too. If you have extremely dry skin, use a bit of moisturizer on the lids so that your lashes don’t pull on your skin.


Trick #6

If you’re beginner, start with accent or half lashes, which will cover only half of your outer lashes. Hence, they are super easy to stick and anybody can get dramatic eyes in minutes. While it lacks the full bodied beauty of the long fakes, the shorter version works well for those with trembling fingers and unstable hands.


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