Be Careful! These Six Foods You Didn’t know Can Get You High

Foods can get you high

“Foods can get you high”

No, we are not talking about Alcohol and Marijuana! These are everyday foods that can get you high. Yes, you certainly heard it right.

These ordinary foods  are sufficient enough to cause hallucinations in real.

There are certain compounds that come in play to make these simple substances high-ly effective foods.

Foods can get you high –

  1. Chocolate

Chocolate is mostly loved by everyone and no wonder it tastes better and thus nothing can replace it too. But what people do not know is that Chocolate highly contains dopamine and endorphins that results into providing pleasure.

It contains a compound called anandamide which is also found in cannabis plus it contains theobromine that is said to be toxic to health. So, make sure you don’t consume high level of chocolates daily.

Foods can get you high

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