Career in Space Science : All You Need To Know

Career in Space Science

Career in Space Science – The recent success of Mangalyaan mission has left a huge impact on the youth of the country.

While the social media websites are abuzz with congratulatory messages from all over India, a new career option seems to be inspiring the young generation of the country.

Gone are the days when students were highly influenced by the creamy layer of career options, like doctors, engineers and accountants.

The modern lifestyle and advanced technologies have given way for myriad alternatives to pursue a career in space technology.

If the new discovery about Mars and building of a satellite amused you like nothing else till date, then space science is probably the thing for you. We tell you all you need to know to build a career in space science.


Students who wish to become space scientists must have an aptitude towards science and calculations. He/she must have passed HSC in Science (Physics, Chemistry) with Mathematics as the optional subject.

The All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) provides entry into a number of space research and aeronautical courses. A number of institutes also hold separate entrance test for students who wish to pursue a Bachelor’s in Space technology or Aeronautical engineering.


There are a few attributes you need to possess to make a career in space science. Be it working in a Physical research laboratory or the National remote sensing laboratory, you must develop skills and be prepared for a responsible career.

A good presence of mind, in-depth knowledge of computer and computer-automated machines, ability to learn the newest technology within no time are some of the important skills you must possess.

Job prospects

Space technology provides employment in a number of sectors. Unlike what the name suggests, space science is not just limited to discovering a distant planet or something unique in the solar system.

A number of government organizations employ people with varied qualifications and skills about the subject. Apart from the government jobs, you can also work as a research scientist, astrophysicist, astronomer etc. in a science museum or planetarium. Space science graduates can also try their hands at technical writing, simulation centres, spacecraft manufacturing firms, or spacecraft software developing firms.

Pay package

The remuneration of a space science graduate depends mostly on the academic qualification, the type of degree obtained (part time or full time) and the nature of work. Fresh graduates earn somewhere between 2,50,000 INR to 4,50,000 INR per annum, depending on their nature of work.

India is one of the leading countries with career in space science and technology booming due to continuous research and development.

Career in Space Science – Once you gain proper experience and acquire the required knowledge, there is no upper limit of your pay package.

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