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intake of calcium

Intake of calcium – Important nutrients and calcium are required to body being one of the macronutrients.

Required for the body growth and development, that are available as natural sources, the absence of calcium can lead to diseases thus a particular amount of calcium should be taken every day from any natural source to maintain the health of the body.

Deficiency symptoms of calcium

•    Hallucination

Calcium deficiency can lead to hallucination, it is a disease people suffer from loss of memory or forgets any stage for a few minutes or causes confusion. Absence or reduction of calcium leads to this neurological or psychological disorder. So, if you find any such symptoms then visit a doctor, as it may turn to critical situations.

Once the amount of calcium required by the body is balanced the problem of hallucination disappears, so the treatment of this disease is necessary as becomes difficult to find out the deficiency of calcium easily known as hypocalcaemia.

•    Muscle Cramps

Cramps in the muscles can be due to a number of reasons such as any injuries, pain or swells in the muscles or it may be due to an internal problem of the muscles. Deficiency of calcium also leads to the cramps or pain in the muscles.

So, if you are not suffering from any injuries still suffering from muscle cramps then the reason may be a loss of calcium in your body.

Proper intake of calcium through different sources of food can avoid the reduction of the calcium from the body.

•    Weak and brittles nails

A common problem seen in women especially is the brittle and weak nails, this due to the lack of calcium. Peeling or splitting of nails are symptoms of the weakening of nails, nails are made of keratin, it is a protein with the deficiency of the nutrition leads to different problems in the body.

•    The easy fracturing of the bones:

Calcium deficiency weakens your bones, therefore, there are very often chances for you to fracture the bones. Especially in the old age group of people weakening of bones are seen with broken bones and fracture to occur.

Teeth are broken easily if you lack calcium in the body, sometimes pain in the bones of the body takes place.

•    Osteoporosis

Pain in the joints is due to the lack of calcium and vitamins, the pain is in the leg joints and hand joints that sometimes become unbearable. Few are unable to walk properly due to the joint pains.

intake of calcium

Benefits on Health of calcium

·         Strengthen bones

Strengthen bones are due to the calcium present within, calcium is the minerals that are continuously replaced by the new calcium minerals, but once the supply of new calcium to the body reduces the processing of replacing the new ones are automatically reduced.

Eating of a proper diet becomes very much necessary for kids and teens to stay energized, gain a strong body with bones. Lack of calcium can tend to weaken their bones to break; proper calcium will help in the strong growth of bones that will also help in the growth of their body. Proper growth is related to the development of the bones growth, deficiency in calcium will lack in body growth.

intake of calcium

•         Weight loss

Calcium is responsible for the growth of the bones and muscles of the body. The continuous replacement of the calcium will enable the body bones to grow faster while the lack will slowly reduce the growth of the bones and muscles that are mostly seen in old age people.

Weight loss is related to the strength that you achieve through strong bones while storing of fats is reduced. The strong bones workouts are easier enabling the weight loss apart from it calcium boost up weight loss that may be hard work if an insufficient amount of calcium is in the body.

intake of calcium

•         Reduces depression

Depression is caused due to various reasons one is the deficiency of calcium. Calcium is required by for calming and relaxing along with the proper blood and bone function throughout the body. In order to reduce depression the brain has to function in the proper way, often a person or his brain may suffer from psychological problems that can be regulated by the proper presence of calcium in the body.

Apart from calcium for proper brain health the presence of magnesium, potassium and other microelements are necessary that supports in an improvement of any sort of problems brain health. Inadequate amount of calcium along with other elements lead to a deficiency of the human health apart from the brain. Calcium acts as a sedative for both the body pain by constant replacement of calcium minerals and also helps in reducing the depression occurring due to lack of calcium.

•         Balances the Alkaline PH Level

Our blood is alkaline, while the intake of calcium helps in balancing the alkaline level in the body. A proper control of Ph alkaline is required by the human body to avoid any sort of hormonal problems, on muscle and vitamin D. Ph value of each area is different while in stomach Ph alkaline may vary from the renal or urinary parts.

Negative acid is present in calcium added with potassium and magnesium that is required for the PH level balance in the body.

intake of calcium – Calcium-Rich Foods and Sources

  • Yoghurt: Sweet or sour whatever it may be but a regular intake of yoghurt mixed with fruits or any other preparation unless cooked is a good source of calcium for the human body, no fat and contains approximately more than 100 mg of calcium.

  • Milk: The common source of calcium for all age groups of people, from the infants to the older groups uses or drinks milk. The highest amount of calcium with just only 1% of fat and 125 mg of calcium, regular intake of milk can keep a saturated quantity of calcium in the body.
  • Raisins: Sweet and tasty small pieces of raisins that can be taken raw or mixed in a salad or sweet dishes that contains almost 45mg to 50 mg of calcium. Raisins are prepared through drying of grapes that is also a very common item for providing calcium to the body.
  • Waffles: whenever you are hungry or feeling like having a small bite of any snacks then waffles are one of the delicious items with a high content of calcium ranging from 220mg to 255mg. Waffles contain other forms of nutrition apart from calcium such as vitamins, carbs and various source of micronutrients required for the body.
  • Fortified Soymilk: Similar to cow milk but the differences between both are soymilk contains about 200 mg of calcium in every litre of milk, it is about 5 times to 6 times lesser than the cow milk. Sources of soymilk are found in calcium carbonate, seaweeds and many more.
  • Almonds: contain a high amount of calcium more than the calcium contents in milk. The nutritious value of almonds is higher compared to other sources of nutrition.
  • Spinach: Calcium content in spinach is about 99 mg, green spinach is rich in magnesium and iron that is beneficial in all respects to the body, but the presence of oxalates in the greens reduces the benefits of calcium to the body.
  • Chickpeas: Rich in calcium, fibre and protein that you can eat raw or cook it in the way you prefer. The calcium contents in chickpeas are about 300 mg while 30 grams of fibre and protein of 10 grams.

  • Brocolli: A vegetable rich in Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins and much other nutrition, best to the body. Prepare broccoli in various ways in vegetables or simply fries, vegetable nutritious and fewer calories, no fat. The content of calcium in broccoli is about 45 mg, though less compared to other sources of calcium in vegetables.
  • Porridge: A Favorite dish for most of us which have a good content of calcium, carbs and fats. The content of calcium is about 87 mg while the presence of milk in it includes other sources of minerals such as iron, magnesium and vitamin.

•    Overdose of intake of Calcium

Check if you are having calcium especially when it is supplements compared to the natural sources of calcium. An overdose of calcium may lead various problems within the body, therefore before continuing it to longer schedule more than mentioned should be consulted.

Calcium taken for more than required may cause stones within the kidneys, while few medicines contain vitamin D along with calcium that may lead to constipation, weakness and also the loss of appetite.

Instead of taking intake of calcium supplements, one should try the natural sources of calcium which is easily available and beneficial together. A long-term benefit is provided to the body, with no chances of overdoses, while calcium supplement leads to various overdose complications.

Hence, the lack of or less intake of calcium can lead to a huge number of problems in the human body, vice versa overdose of calcium will also lead to health problems. So, one should be cautious about the intake of calcium, at the same time consult a doctor if any supplement is required apart from the natural resources.

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