These Signs Show That You Have Calcium Deficiency !

Calcium Deficiency

Calcium Deficiency – Why do we need calcium?

Without this extremely essential nutrient, our bone health will dwindle to very weak bones. If you are one of those people who think that only kids need milk while adults are beyond that, then you need to get your facts right. As adults, you too need sufficient calcium to maintain the good condition of your bones. The National Institute of Health doctors are of the opinion that men and women need at least 1000 mg calcium each day.

Are you getting enough of it, then?

Given below are a few signs by which you can easily determine if you are calcium deficient.

Calcium Deficiency – 

  • Numbness

You sometimes tend to feel a tingling sensation at the tip of your fingers. They become numb and suddenly feel weightier than normal. That is a classic sign of calcium deficiency. Track you calcium intake and ensure to include enough of it in your daily diet.

  • Sleeping problems

A well known medical journal has given a proven fact that calcium helps in the creation of serotonin. Serotonin is that element in the brain that regulates our sleep, which is why it’s also called the sleep hormone. When you are calcium deficient, you would face sleeping troubles as the serotonin levels would not be correct.

  • Memory loss

Recently becoming quite forgetful and forgetting entire episode from the whole day? You might be calcium deficient as it very commonly causes neurological symptoms such as hallucinations and bouts of forgetfulness.

  • Fragile nails

All women are very passionate and careful about their nails. If you find that your nails are breaking quite easily and have become brittle and damage prone recently, check your calcium intake to ensure that you are not calcium deficient.

  • Leg cramps

Not only legs but muscle cramps in general occur when your calcium level has gone down considerably. They occur mostly in your lower body, most commonly in the hamstring and calf muscles. When you start having such cramps frequently, start increasing your calcium intake.

  • Seizures

Calcium is essential for proper muscle contraction and neurotransmitter release. When you are calcium deficient, you would start having seizures and other neurological troubles.

These signs shw Calcium Deficiency – To avoid any major health trouble and also to increase the health and power or your bones and muscles, consume sufficient calcium, especially milk.

Follow the above chart as these foods are rich in Calcium.


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