5 Drinks That Are Alternate To Milk For Required Calcium Dosage!

Drinks that are alternate to milk

Drinks that are alternate to milk – The tussle over calcium-rich milk between mother and child has been in existence for ages.

You resort to all kinds of tricks in order to make the child consume a glass of milk daily. Your child stubbornly refuses, stating, “I hate the taste of milk”! The pediatrician always takes your side, insisting that calcium deficiency can make the child prone to weak bones and muscles, fractures and teeth.

The doctor is right, but what if your child is lactose intolerant due to an oversensitive gut? There should be some alternatives, right?

Well, here are five drinks that are alternate to milk –

Drinks that are alternate to milk

1 – Orange Juice –

Just place a glass of freshly made, delicious and light orange juice before your child every morning, and relax. You will soon hear slurping sounds of delight! The 500 mg of calcium present in orange juice will wend its way into your child’s stomach, promising to strengthen his/her teeth and bones. There is vitamin C too, for making the skin supple.

2 – Spinach –

True, spinach is not everybody’s favourite either! However, do coax your child to consume at least half a cup of it. Along with 241 mg of calcium, your kid’s body will receive abundant iron too. A full glass of milk provides only 300 mg of calcium.

Drinks that are alternate to milk

3 – Soy Milk –

Go on; create all kinds of shakies, smoothies, etc, with this non-dairy milk substitute! Every recipe will send oodles of protein and calcium into the child’s tummy.

Drinks that are alternate to milk

4 – Yoghurt –

Did you know that there are good and friendly bacteria residing in your stomach? They are probiotics. However, they will not live forever, and therefore, require replacing. Easily digestible yoghurt is a superb source of calcium and probiotics. Use it to keep your child’s digestive system healthy.

Drinks that are alternate to milk

5 – Almond Milk –

The calcium content is higher than even that found in milk. Your child will also receive the benefits of vitamins A and E, as well as other nutrients.

Drinks that are alternate to milk

Drinks that are alternate to milk – Where there is a will, there is a way too! Use your imagination to the maximum! Your child will proudly claim, “Milk substitutes are the secret of my tremendous energy”!

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