Ten Foods That Make You Hungry Instead Of Making You Feel Fuller

Foods that make you hungry

Foods that make you hungry – Eating too much?! And feel that you don’t have to eat for next few hours, because you ate more than enough! But, tend to feel hungry within no time.

Well, all this could be reasons for not eating the right kind of food that will make you feel fuller for long.

Here are the list of Foods that make you hungry than making you feel fuller. Check them out.

Foods that make you hungry –

  1. The pretty handsome fast foods

It is quite common that we tend to resort to the fast food option when in hurry or too busy. The fast foods contain trans fats that reduces the body’s ability to produce ‘neurotransmitter’ that control the appetite. And, results in lots of hunger pangs.

Foods that make you hungry

  1. White bread

Eating of white bread is said to have the great rise in the levels of appetite. It was also found in a research that the people that eat bread daily for at-least two to three times are over-weighted.

  Foods that make you hungry

  1. Juices that got preservatives

The artificial juices that are available in the market are loaded with lots of artificialflavours, preservatives, sugar that rise the levels of sugar in the body. Because they are simply loaded with sugars but not fibres.


  1. Cereals

They are high in cortisol that results in shooting up the sugar and insulin levels. The cereals seem to have carbohydrates, but in real they don’t.

  1. Diet drinks

They contain a lot of artificial sweeteners that struck you with hunger.

  1. Popcorn and salty chips

These are the common junk that we all so fancy keep eating during the movie sessions. Have you felt that craving for something sweet right after having a big pack of salty chips. Well, most of does. And also the high levels of salts in chips dehydrates the body leaving you crave for more of food.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol makes you feel even more hungrier. This is just because the alcohol lowers a hormone called leptin that makes you feel full – resulting in not getting hungry.

Foods that make you hungry

  1. Artificial sweeteners

We all when under diet plans, use artificial sweeteners that makes you crave you ending up with a sweet tooth.

Foods that make you hungry

  1. White pasta

Loaded with carbs, the white pasta lets the pancreas reduce the insulin levels resulting in low levels of blood sugar and making you hangry.

Foods that make you hungry

  1. Frozen yogurt

This yummy that is loaded with sugars makes you feel more hungry rather than control the hungry pangs. Specially the low fat yogurt makes you crave for more and more of food. This can be minimised by adding fruits of your choice that are rich in fibres that makes you feel fuller for long.

Foods that make you hungry

These are the foods that make you hungry – It may sound weird, but the fact is that all these food tend to struck you with hunger even before the time of the next meal. We all usually tend to turn up to processed foods, fatty ones, carbs loaded when too busy. This is the reason as they all make the sugar levels in the body high making feel hungry than ever.

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