Feel Hungry Too Often? Then Eat These Foods That Will Surely Reduce Hunger Cravings!

Foods that reduce hunger

Foods that reduce hunger – Over-eating is main reason for weight gain but what if we feel hungry always and can’t resist food. There are innumerable reasons why we always feel hungry main reasons are nutrient deficiencies, emotional or mental stress, fatigue, less fibre. In this case diet pills only pose health risks, but wait there are natural hunger suppressants   that will help you shed extra pounds by controlling your food cravings.

Control your hunger cravings with these natural foods that are appetite suppressants

Foods that reduce hunger –

  • Coffee: Coffee helps in boosting metabolism and controlling hunger cravings, antioxidants present in coffee provides you satiety, feeling of full. This works wonders try it.
  • Avocado: Avocado is full of monosautuared fats and fibre which curbs hunger. The fat present in this signals brain and tells your tummy is full.
  • Almonds: Almonds are super foods packed with Vitamin E and antioxidants, and magnesium which makes you feel fuller and also helps in weight management. No wonder why every morning mom’s insist on eating a few almonds.
  • Ginger: Ginger is known for its great digestive powers and this also energizes body and works as a stimulant which will make one feel full. You can have a small piece of it or have green tea with ginger.
  • Apples: Apples kills the hunger pangs as apples have fibre so whenever hungry eat an apple and you will feel fuller for long time
  • Water: Drink 1-2 glasses of water 20 minutes before meal and you will consume less food less calories.
  • Vegetable soup: Homemade vegetable soup is full of Vitamins, Minerals and fibre and low on calories and you will not feel hungry for long.
  • Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes have starch which will make you feel less hungry as sweet potatoes are heavy.

So, these were few Foods that reduce hunger – foods that work like magic and will control your hunger make you feel fuller for long.

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