10 Best WhatsApp Hacks We Bet You Didn’t Know

WhatsApp Hacks

WhatsApp Hacks – WhatsApp has emerged in popularity because it is the best mode to keep in touch with people both in personal and professional front.

Besides, it has launched the business feature which has brought promoting your business at the tip of your fingers. WhatsApp has very many secret features that we still are not privy of like it backs up the chat messages pretty sneakily which can eventually lead you into embarrassments.

However, you can really be a pro at handling WhatsApp if you follow the below mentioned tricks:

WhatsApp Hacks –

You can find out who you have interacted most on WhatsApp:

Head to the settings on your WhatsApp screen nd click on the ‘Data Usage’ option followed by clicking on ‘Storage usage’. You will instantly receive a pop message telling you ranking of the chats and complete breakdown of all the messages that you have sent to a group or a particular person.

You can save a date as an ‘event’ in your WhatsApp calendar:

If you have noticed, if you write¬†date, time or link it appears as clickable in your WhatsApp. You perhaps didn’t know that you could simply create an event by clicking on the it. The ‘Create event’ pops up when you click on it and stores in your phone’s calendar.

You could swipe right on a message to reply:

When someone sends you a message, you could simply swipe right to reply to it if you don’t want to miss the context.

You can send someone a WhatsApp message without typing it:

There are ‘Siri’ and ‘Ok Google’ to help you out with this. The voice command feature just works about all right when you are trying to send a message to someone without typing it. You can simply say, “Send a WhatsApp to a so and so person’ and your work will be done. You can simply pass the message as voice command too.

You can create your own notes in WhatsApp:

In this section, you can store your own links, messages, photos or voice clips. You can also create a new group and add any other contacts to it. When you have created the group, you can just delete the participant and start saving your photos, notes and pictures.

You can hide your phone number when you are using your WhatsApp:

How cool is that! but then, you will be needing two SIM cards to perform this trick. First, insert the old SIM card and activate WhatsApp on it, then replace the old SIM with a new one, when prompted, you can choose to go to the old number on WhatsApp. Now, no one will be able to track down your current number in WhatsApp.

These are WhatsApp Hacks – So, WhatsApp is way more than something that it appears to be, hence proved.

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