Resume For Freshers Looking For Their First Job

Resume For Freshers

Resume For Freshers – It is difficult to explain a thing when you have no idea or knowledge about it.

Similarly, you do not have an experience in what you’re about to undertake, describing yourself to be a perfect candidate for that, can be difficult.

As a fresher, you need to make your recruiter believe in you and make him realise how you’re the perfect candidate for the job.

Before you get shortlisted for the interview, your resume does the talking.

Gone are the days when employers used to get impressed by a three-page long resume. What you need today is you have to write a Resume For Freshers, a short, crisp, attractive, and simple resume, to make your prospective recruiter feel how good are you for the job.

We tell you how to write an attractive resume and get yourself that job you dreamt of having during your graduation days. Read on.

Resume For Freshers –


The contents of your resume should be relevant to the industry you’re applying in. For example, if you’re applying for an IT job, writing about your singing and dancing in skill sets would be inappropriate. You may mention your achievements at the end, but do not highlight it. While writing your contact information write only what is needed. You need not write about your marital status, gender and Facebook profile link.


The first line of your resume will make your first impression on the recruiter. So make sure that your objective statement is something attractive. When I say attractive, I don’t mean you exaggerate or talk about something you have no idea about.

 Because you do not have any experience in a proper job, be frank and write about what did you do as an intern there. Your prospective employer knows you’re a fresher. He understands that you don’t have an experience, so stop trying different means to make your resume shortlisted.

Skill Set

Many companies look for a particular kind of skill you’re good at. For example, in an IT industry having a knowledge about Javascript and other computing languages is an added advantage. If you’re not proficient or familiar with the kind of skill set they mentioned in their job description, NEVER write it on your resume. That way you’re wasting your and their time as well. Talk only about skills you’re good at or familiar with.

Every industry requires freshers onboard. Whether you go for an on campus placement or off campus placement, to make your resume look different from the others, you need to make your resume crisp and attractive, while not making it look like a means of bragging about yourself.

Here’s an example of a sample resume that could work for you as a fresher.

Resume For Freshers

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