6 Things That Happen When You Fall In Love With Yourself

when you fall in love with yourself

Fast track heart beats; the warm blushing of cheeks; the light hearted feeling of excitement all the time. It sounds like old romantic Hindi movie.

But it is a feeling of love. Love is an amazing feeling; you know that you have someone to share your things, which you can talk, gossip every day, every minute or every second. But being in relationship is very complicated. You have to take care of every single thing that your partner likes.

So, before you love someone else and make thousands of promises start loving yourself first. When you will fall in love with yourself you will find that no one other than you can love the way you love yourself.

Here is the list of things that happen when you fall in love with yourself.

When you fall in love with yourself

1 – Realization

Falling in love is a cool thing but falling in love with you is supper cool.  After you start loving yourself you will realize that you don’t need any relationship to be happy. Your happiness is something that comes from your heart.

2 – Hang out

Being in relationship with someone is difficult because your partner always expect that you will chill out with him only. But being in love with yourself you start hanging out with your friends and you discover new people around you.

3 – Value yourself

You start learning your worth when you fall in love with yourself. You learn that you are a precious gem and no one have right to insult you or show you that you are low from them. You start value yourself, your thoughts and love the person you have become.

4 – Confident

You start becoming yourself rather than what others want from you. You laugh, you jump, you smile over the things you like; you become yourself and this adds up confident and comfortableness being you.

5 – Positivity

When you fall in love with yourself you start valuing yourself that that you actually are and start appreciating all your work and your opinions. This gives you positivity and motivates you to start living your life with full enthusiasm and happiness.

6 – Start working

Being in love with yourself is an amazing feeling you start realizing that what you actually need from life and you start working hard for it instead of lying whole day in bed and waiting for your partners reply.

When you fall in love with yourself – Loving yourself is fun as it adds up more happiness and pleasure of living your life. But it is a difficult task and one must try it!!

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