Annoying Things That Indian Neighbours Do

Indian Neighbours

Indian neighbours – We have learned it in school and witnessed in practicality when they said ‘man is a social animal’.

Construction of neighbourhoods is an indication that it would be very difficult for people to live on their own.

We realised that long ago, which led to buildings being constructed where different families live in peace and harmony….or not!

Nevertheless, certain acts depicted by some Indian Neighbours are plain annoying and we are not talking about the clichéd “ek katori shakkar de do”. Below we look at a few different ones –

This particular set of neighbours is infamous for setting their pets, especially dogs, loose. The sad part about it is that their pets are not friendly to others, which augments the risk of getting barked at or worse, bitten.

Indian Neighbours –


You might also have neighbours who are over-friendly. Their face lights up to ‘Joker’ lengths every time they see you. They want to hug you and share details about how they spent their day, even if that does not interest you.


Some residences (…or most in India) have this lot of crowd that likes to get a peep into other houses; it is their way of keeping a tab on everyone’s activity.


On the other hand, there are families that will creep you out every time you see them. No, they are no criminals or belong to that world; it’s just that their attitude and behaviour is weird.


If you have bachelors living as neighbours, expect a lot of noise. Time and again, you will have new guests wandering on your floor and a pile of footwear with no place to walk. These party animals are guaranteed to make your life a living hell.


Have you ever had an entrepreneur residing next to you? Don’t they give advice of the entrepreneurial levels, even if you are a college student? Isn’t this annoying?


In case you have a neighbour, who is very close to you, you might find them often coming up to you requesting access to Wi-Fi.


You will also have rude neighbours who ban almost all outdoor activities that children engage in. Be it cricket, badminton or football, you are not allowed to play in the society’s complex.


In case you are one of those persons, who do not like kids, you will certainly come across families that have children. And these children will be noisy and will want to spend time at your home playing the PlayStation. How are you supposed to say no to children, is the dilemma.


There will come a time when one of them steals your parking space. After an argument ensues, they will leave you alone for some time; however, they will park on your spot again…just for fun!


These are the qualities of Indian Neighbours.

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