10 Hilarious Illustrations about Indian Nosy Neighbours

Indian neighbours are indiscreetly intruding, prudent and ruthlessly patronizing lot, especially in the middle class locale and there is no respite from their unsolicited life advises. They are up in arms against people who seemingly ‘violate’ the societal norms and their diktats can very well outwit the Manusmriti.  But that’s how they roll, sniffing an illegitimate love affair to moral policing the teenagers on their skimpy clothing fall in their area of interest. An Indian neighbourhood, unless you are flanked by those high-brow ones, is a pain in well, you know where!

Here are some super funny illustrations that show Indian neighbours have a general stereotype:

The undisputed hero:

We all have that one ‘Achilles’ in our society whose life runs on pretending to save others. Whether is your ‘Rickshawallah’ fleecing you or a guy taunting you, he will always rush out in his slippers to shout down the predator on your behalf.

The eavesdroppers:

Then there are those lots who will sacrifice their favourite TV soap on gossip’s account. Whenever the fragments of your domestic arguments enter their audible margin, they become shit Sherlock!

The Hercule Poirots:

They roll their moustache and tread you some serious wisdom when you come late from work or party. They are always trying to guess what you are up to so why not leave them guessing.

The perfectionists:

They will hone their gadgets to seize the first hand information and with that sense of perfection they can actually offer crash courses to wannabe nosy neighbours.

The Catty pets:

If that’s not all their pets will loiter around your backyard to make nuisance as this will give their masters the unparalleled sadistic pleasure.

The Pinocchio:

Indian neighbourhoods have Pinochhios in profusion; the only difference is their nose becomes longer when they brazenly bug somebody’s privacy.

The buck passers:

Here’s one for the denunciating ‘chachaji’ living across your window.

The sleaze enthusiasts:

Then they will pretend to mind their business around the bush whereas they are actually deriving personal pleasure from your squeals of orgasmic delight.

The Social Media stalkers:

They don’t just know how to leave others alone and combing through the social media profile about the neighbours is their extended area of interest.


You dread Sundays

You want to cancel on the entire picnic and other crappy plans with those housewives who don’t understand how much draining professional life is!

The wear and tear of living in an Indian neighbourhood gives you a great deal of experiences.


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