What Are The Things That Muslims Can Do In India But Not In Any Other Country?

Things muslims can do in India

Things muslims can do in India – India as all know is the biggest populous democracy in the world and every citizen has a right to freedom and also a freedom to practice their own religious values.

You may also say that ‘Unity In Diversity’ is the biggest weapon that only India has on this planet. No matter who you are and what your religion is, our constitution weighs every citizen on same parameters.

Unlike other countries where Muslims are treated differently and are deprived of privileges, India takes them as equals. Here are several things muslims can do in India but not in any other country.

These things will definitely make you feel proud to be an Indian, irrespective of the fact that what religion you follow.

Things muslims can do in India –

  1. Applying For A Passport

India being a democratic country never considers any difference in any religion. The procedure of passport application is same for every India citizen irrespective of his or her religion. However, it does not even happen in Pakistan that is a major Muslim country. It is impossible for ‘Ahmadiyya’ Muslims to get a passport there.

  1. Freedom To Practice Their Religion

In India, Muslims can practice their religion without any kind of restriction. Here, they practice every Islamic ritual freely. They observe fasting for 30 days during the holy month of Ramzan and conduct the rallies on Mohrram. However, China has banned Ramzan fasting for Muslims.

  1. ‘Haj Subsidy’

Haj is the greatest religious pilgrimage for the followers of Islam, but traveling there can be very expensive. India is the only country which provides financial benefits as ‘The Haj Subsidy’ to every Muslim citizen. Millions of Indian Muslims are taking this privilege since 1947.

  1. Travel To Any Country

Indian citizens are free to travel all over the world for education, jobs opportunity and education purpose. However, if a Muslim belongs to countries like Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan, he cannot travel to some countries.

  1. Social Harmony

Indian society is very firmly interwoven. In India, people from every religion participates in other’s religious activities too. Yes, a few bad things happen but if you look into the core, people are still united.

These are the things muslims can do in India – Unity of our citizens has strengthened India throughout the time. It can be said that India is the greatest country which unitesdiversity very easily.

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